How to Avoid Embarrassing Dress Malfunctions

Woman wearing a white dress malfunction which is being lifted by the wind as she tried to hold it down with her hands

From exposing your underwear by accident to a rip, there are certain embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that can occur from time to time.

However, there are a few simple solutions you can do to avoid this.

Wearing a slip beneath your top can prevent embarrassing see-through fabric issues, particularly in the workplace.

Also, be prepared with your own on-the-go sewing kit will help you to find a quick fix solution to recover after an accident.

Opt for high quality and the best fit possible to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and always keep a strip of fashion tape in your clutch.

Whether you are accident-prone and super-clumsy or simply conscious of always being prepared for the worst, here, we take a look at some of the most common wardrobe malfunctions and how best to avoid them.

You don’t want to expose yourself in public, lose your decency and suffer from a red-face.

So, being aware of what could go wrong and preparing for every possibility with a quick fix solution will help you to recover with maximum elegance.

Common Dress MalfunctionsWoman wearing red dress with slit and block heels on tips to avoid wardrobe malfunctions

Static Dress or Skirt

It happens to the best.

Fabrics such as satin or polyester can cause static leads to the garment desperately clinging to your skin.

This can cause embarrassment and often a little too much exposure.

Visible Panty-line & Bra Strap

Wearing an elegant dress can be ruined in an instant with a visible panty line.

This shows off exactly what kind of pants you’re wearing beneath.

A pesky bra strap peeking out of a sleeveless top or dress can ruin your overall look.

Broken Zipper

A bust zipper or button on a pair of jeans or trousers is enough to send you straight home, clutching at your waistline.


Whether you’re reaching for something or stepping out of your car, a rip can happen at any moment causing a world of embarrassment if in public.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Is there anything worse than having to go home early due to uncomfortable shoes or dreaded heel blisters?

What to Wear Under Your Dress to Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions

Black and white image woman wearing jumper with bra strap showing

To create a stylish outfit from head to toe, you’ll also need to consider what to wear underneath your dress.

This will ensure you’re always on top of any possible wardrobe malfunctions.

It’s always good to double check your outfit from the back before you leave the house and try to check your reflection in natural day-light.

This is because the light difference could leave you exposing more than you planned with certain finer fabrics.


Whether it’s a simple satin camisole or a full slip for under a dress, having a collection of slips in your wardrobe is the perfect way to avoid both transparent clothing issues and often static.

Layering a garment between your skin and the dress also means you can often get extra wears out of your dresses between washes too!

Racer Back Clips

There’s nothing worse to ruin a chic and elegant sleeveless dress or top than an annoying bra strap that consistently slips into view and off the shoulder.

An invention created to fix this wardrobe problem is a simple racer back clip, found in many departments stores and online.

The clip discreetly and comfortably clips your bra straps at the back to take on a racer-back shape.

This will keep them out of the way and preventing any bra-showing mishap.

Laser Cut Underwear

A great, simple solution to VPL is the invention of laser cut underwear.

From thongs to big, tummy control pants, a quick search online will help you find the perfect solution to suit you.

This will enable you to wear underwear under the tightest and finest of fabrics without an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

What Types of Clothing Is Safest to Wear to Avoid Common Malfunctions

Woman wearing white shirt and skirt and holding shoe to avoid wardrobe malfunction

When it comes to trying to choose clothing to avoid common dress malfunctions, it’s all about quality of the clothing and the fit.

Even though you can always suffer a fashion mishap in designer clothes, you are less likely to experience one if the quality of the construction and fabric is very high.

Seams will be stronger and the fabric is less likely to be unintentionally transparent.

A great fit will help to ensure you never expose yourself too.

The garment should be structured and correctly fitted in all the most important places.

Stretch Clothing

Clothing made from fabrics with a little extra stretch can be a great choice to prevent accidental rips while on the move.

Because of the construction of the garments alongside the fabric, you’ll find a stronger ability to resist against any drastic movement.

Therefore, giving you the confidence to get active.

Darker Colors

If you’re prone to spilling, you might want to stick to darker color tones.

Light colors are known to stain more.

Even when it comes to water spills, light colors can produce a permanent watermark, which is neither stylish nor chic.


The worst thing that can wrong when it comes to shoes is the blisters.

Once your feet have blistered at the heel, the rest of the day is guaranteed to be painful.

This can leave you desperate to return home and kick off the dreaded culprits.

The effortlessly chic mule avoids any chance of blistering due to the nature of the style itself.

So, if you’re known to suffer from heel blisters, this is one style designed especially for you.

What Types of Dresses to Avoid

Woman wearing tight purple dress in field

Certain dresses and clothing lend themselves to being more dangerous when it comes to possible fashion mishaps.

If you’re particularly conscious of a dress malfunction occurring, there are a few types of dresses you should avoid.

Anything Too Tight

A dress that is too tight is also more likely to leave you suffering from an unsightly wardrobe malfunction.

It can also be uncomfortable and harder for you to move around in.

From rips and bursts at the seam to zipper breaks and button mishaps, opting for a super-tight dress leaves you vulnerable to a plethora of different issues.

A beautifully-fitted dress cannot be beaten.

Plunging Necklines & Slits

Incredibly sexy and particularly on-trend right now.

But, if you’re looking to avoid the chance of a wardrobe malfunction, you will want to avoid dresses with plunging necklines and high thigh slits.

Plunging necklines can leave you with the possibility of a “nipple slip” if not held in place correctly.

This is the ultimate embarrassment and a slit with a seam can easily burst and rip too high.

Quick Fixes in Case of Malfunctions

A small sewing kit with thread, scissors and a measuring tape to quickly fix wardrobe malfunctions

If you’re out during a dreaded wardrobe malfunction, there is not much you can do about it if you are unprepared.

Whether you know you’re prone to tripping over or causing the occasional rip there are a few things you can keep in your handbag for a quick fix, on the go.

Fashion Tape

If you’ve not heard of fashion tape, get to know right now.

This simple, genius invention can help with anything from an annoying, slipping bra strap, to a nipple flash, causing you to lose all decency or a midi skirt seam rip.

This two-sided tape can be found in most department stores, haberdashery shops, and many places online.

You can simply stash a few strips in the inner zip pocket of your go-to bag.

Use the double-sided tape to secure a top or dress in place at the bust or shoulder.

You can even temporarily quick fix a rip in a seam by using the tape.

Place it on the inside to semi-secure the seam enough to not expose yourself while walking.

This fashion quick fix should be essential for every mishap-conscious fashionista.


When you’ve rushed out of the house and realize that your new satin skirt is full of static and is nestled into your derriere, believe it or not, your hairspray is your go-to solution.

Having a travel-sized mini in your handbag at all times means you can quickly resolve this problem.

Simply spray the inside of your skirt to release the static and recover from the clinginess.

Sewing Kit On-The-Go

A safety pin should always be with you to help with anything from a slipping strap to a bust zip.

However, a miniature sewing kit with safety pin included is a preferable solution for almost all wardrobe mishaps.

You can find options small enough to slide into even a clutch, meaning you’re ready and prepared at all times.

Sometimes, an embarrassing wardrobe mishap is just one of those things that are impossible to avoid.

No matter the beautiful quality of your garments, from time to time, a malfunction occurs.

The best way to be prepared is to always carry a quick fix kit with you in your bag.

From a simple strip of fashion tape to a reliable safety pin, you’ll be able to find a solution to recover.