For the third article in body type series, we are focusing on how best to dress your body type.

Of course, the way that you dress is completely up to your personal preferences. The clothes you like and what makes you feel good is all that really matters. 

Everything below is focused upon what stylist think and are no by any means to be regarded as the only things you should be wearing. 

Remember much of fashion is doing your own thing. 

But, if you do want to have a look at what stylists advise as to the best ways to dressing your body, see your body type below.

If you don’t know your body type have a look at this article where we break down all the different body types. Still finding it hard to work it out your body type? Check out this piece, where we show you how to measure yourself to find your body type. Wondering what is up with all the fruit metaphors, have a look here.

Rectangle Body Type

drawing of a women with a rectangle body type
Illustrations by Diego Sabogal

Commonly referred to as the ‘supermodel body type’. You are sure to look great in quite a few different styles.

The rectangle is the most common female body type in Britain, 63% of British women have a rectangle body shape. Although the majority of women think that their body type is actually an hourglass. 

The phrase rectangle is quite an extreme description, because, after all, you are a woman, not a shape. You are likely to have more curves than the name suggests. 

But in general, the number one focus stylists have for dressing your figure is adding curves.

How to create more curves

Look for scoop-neck and sweetheart tops. ‘Belt your waist to create more of an hourglass figure. Wear tops with collars, ruffles and details to flatter your chest.’

For this dress click here and for more like it have a look here

It is suggested that you avoid garments that are structured on their defined waist. As well as clothes that are too rigid and shapeless.

Trousers are made for you

Trousers are easy for your body type. ‘You can wear most pants styles and don’t have to worry about them being too tight. In fact, clothes that hug your body will create the illusion of more curves.’

Go Lean

model wearing Taylor Coat
Have a look at this beautiful mid-length coat here

Another great piece of advice for dressing this body type is to ‘Go Lean‘. ‘Wear long jackets to create a lean look and emphasize your narrow rectangle body shape.’

Pear-shaped (or triangle) body type

drawing of a women with a triangle shaped body

If like Kim Kardashian, you have a pear-shaped figure, this means killer curves. 

Your hips and bum are proportionally larger than your chest and shoulders. When measuring, if your hips are 5% bigger than your shoulders or bust, your body is pear-shaped. You are also likely to have a smaller and more defined waistline. 

Many women who have pear-shaped bodies want to show off their wonderful waists and midsections. While using their clothes to make their hip to chest ratio look a bit more balanced. 

This is the guides that stylists often work off when recommending the best styles to wear. 

Let’s start at the top

Generally speaking, more fitted or structured tops give you definition around your narrow shoulders and draw attention to your narrow waist.  If you tend to be on the curvy side, this is even truer—make sure to show it off!’

Find this beautiful piece here

Really when it comes to tops you have a lot of freedom. From plunging necklines to cow necks to bell sleeves. Just go for what you love.

What about jackets?

As for every body type, a good jacket can make all the difference. ‘Pear shapes look great in A-line and princess cuts, waist-length jackets’ really anything that ends mid-thigh. Boxy coats can totally work on you, but as a good rule of thumb, you’ll want to go for a cropped style that emphasizes your waist.’

model wearing violet Bliss Coat
Check out this coat here

Oh, the options of dresses that work for a pear shape figure!

From dropped and embellished necklines, open backs and dramatic sleeves to belted styles. All of these will play up your more slender upper body. A-line dresses and skirts will also look great on you.

beautiful dress here and for more a-line dresses click here

Any hemline that hits right below the knee will elongate your frame and slenderize the hips and thighs. Maxi styles are right up your alley as well. And bonus: They’re super comfy.’

Talking all things trouser

Since you are free to go as playful and dramatic you like with your top half, ‘it’s a good idea to choose more subtle and dark colours on the bottom’. Flare and bootcut denim jeans are great go-tos. This is because they ‘do for your lower half what a strong shoulder or neckline does for your upper half by balancing proportions.’

Spoon Body type

drawing of a woman with a spoon body type

Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton are a few of the many famous women with a spoon the body type. If your body could be described as a spoon this means you are likely to carry your weight on your top half. While chances are you have a pair of long killer legs. 

Many women don’t understand the difference between a spoon and triangle body type. Which is very understandable, as the difference is rather minimal. Both shapes have proportionally smaller bust and shoulders to their hips.

The difference is seen when it comes to the hips. For pear-shaped women, their hips ‘gradually slope out from the waist’ creating a line that is smooth and curved’. As for a spoon body type, the hips are described to almost ‘jut out from the waist, creating a noticeable “shelf”.

For the most part, stylists advise when dressing this body type you focus on balancing your top and bottom halves and deemphasise the ‘shelf-like’ hip. While showing off your most loved body features. 

Let’s talk tops

It is suggested by stylists that you look for tops that will help balance your figure, accentuate your waist, while softening your hips.

Styles that achieve this aim are tops with empire waists, ruching or embellishments around the bust. Tops that skim your midsection without adding volume. Strapless tops that show off your shoulders. For necklines, you have a huge range, from off the shoulder, to boat-neck, to wide V or U necks.

For this top click here

‘Choose clothes that have lighter colour in the upper body region but darker in the middle and lower body region, strapless, boat necks, wide necks, short skirts and shorts to show off your great legs, tops with embellishments or patterns that add volume to your bust line.

What about the bottom half?

When it comes to dressing the lower half of your body, stylists tend to opt for styles that will minimise this part of your figure.

Such as: trousers with a straight leg (it is suggested that you avoid anything too tapered at the ankle). ‘Mini skirts were made for you – show off your shapely legs’. Just like with the pear body type, you are advised to wear tops that draw attention to your top half. So when it comes to the bottom, keep the colours on the darker side.

This mini a-line dress would be a great option if you have a pear body shape

What styles of dresses should you go for?

Find this beautiful dress here.

When it comes to dresses, just like the pear body type, these are garments that will look great on you. It is hard when to go wrong when it comes to dresses, but here are some of the best styles.

Anything that draws attention to your waistline is a great choice, try a wrap or belted dress or garments with an empire line. Dresses that have a lighter colour on top with a darker one below are also a great choice for you. Such as this beautiful dress pictured below.


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What have you found is the best way to dress your body type? Let us know in the comments below.