How to Glam up a Classic Black Dress with Color

Woman wearing a classic black dress with a scarf and necklace

The classic black dress is a staple item for every wardrobe, but sometimes you need that extra pop of color

 It is also a great canvas since it is so simple, clean and extremely versatile.

This means that you can easily balance it between casual and dressy.

With the right accessories and additions, you can change up your little black dress to really stand out.

Little details can make all the difference.

Adding color is a great way to transform your black dress to make you the life of the party.

By adding little flourishes, you can get the most out of this wardrobe essential to allow you to wear it in a multitude of ways.

This can lend even more versatility to your wardrobe for a brand-new look each and every time.

We’re going to show you how to how to incorporate a number of colorful additions to your black dress to take it from standard to stand out.

With a help of a couple of accessories and easy additions, you can play with colors to add a vibrant touch to your dress so you’ll be able to style it in many different ways.

Keep reading as we show you how so you can get much more wear out of your beloved black dress.

Wear A Bright Pair of Tights to Add Color

Lady wearing bright red tights with black dress and sitting on rocks

Tights feel more like an accessory than clothing.

A creative pair of tights can really kick up the volume to your unexciting outfit.

Colorful tights in a vibrant, bright shade can contrast with your black dress to really change up the style and look.

Layer them under your dress to add a unique spin to make it trendy.

Red, pink and yellow tights look the best with a black dress.

They look even better when paired with sleek booties to bring your whole look together with an edgy twist.

Add a Bright Colored Belt

Drawing attention to your waist can really pull your outfit together.

A belt is a great way to show off your figure as it accentuates your hips to give you a more fit frame.

In addition to this, a bright colored belt can also break up the black off your dress and add more interest to the outfit.

So, choose an accent color and try and match your belt to your jewelry or shoes to coordinate the look.

This will add a subtle, stark contrast to your dress to make you look even more stunning.

Throw on a Statement Jacket

Sometimes, all you need is a stylish layer to top off your black dress. 

A great jacket can be the perfect topper to add a bit of edge or class to your outfit.

This is the most effortless way to transform your entire dress to change the style of the overall look completely.

If you want to go for a classier look, a blazer is great to add an element of smartness to your outfit.

Opt for a bright or pastel colored blazer for a winning contrast against the black material of your dress.

However, if you want to go for a more playful look, team up your dress with a vibrant denim jacket to make your look more edgy and fun.

So, when in doubt, just layer it up.

Add an Embellished Collar

Little design elements and small details can really take your classic black dress to a whole new level.

An attachable embellished collar is a really creative way to make your outfit look a lot cuter and also add some color.

It can instantly add sophistication and vintage-inspired glamour to your look.

Choose a standout piece with glittery beads and colorful embroidery to give it that touch of spark.

However, if you want to keep it simple, choose a pastel, peter pan style collar that can add a really pretty and feminine addition to your dress.

Simply button it onto the neckline of your black dress and take it off when you want to change up your look over and over again.

Make it Sparkle with Vibrant Jewelry

A pair of bright blue tassel earrings on a blue background

No dress can be better accessorized than with jewelry.

Jewelry is the best embellishment to add a bit of sparkle and also color.

So, update your understated black dress with statement jewelry to make yourself stand out and to give new life to your dress.

Bold Necklaces

A bold necklace can add a bit of bling to your outfit to dress it up a bit more.

This can draw more attention to your look and take it from minimalist to super stylish.

However, to add color to the look, think neon necklaces to jazz up your plain neckline.

But, if you don’t want the necklace to look as bold, choose one with neon or colorful accents instead.

Try and match your earrings to the necklace to bring the whole look together.

However, for a heavier embellished appeal, layer one some necklaces with lockets, beads, and tassels to jazz it up a little more.

Bright Bracelets

If you aren’t a fan of wearing necklaces or your black dress has a high collar, add some color to your wrists instead.

A mixture of bangles can transport your look to creative heights.

However, a hint of color can give it that charming touch too for a winning combo with your outfit.

Stack a ton of colorful bracelets or bangles on both wrists.

This will add an instant bohemian flair to your look while adding some color to your outfit.

If you want to amp up that boho look, double up with heavy studded rings too to achieve a chic, free-spirited look.

Slip into a Pair of Heels

Woman wearing a pair of bright orange heel shoes

Footwear is the most important styling item when it comes to accessorizing your little black dress.

The right pair of shoes can make or break any outfit.

A vibrant pair of shoes can provide a contrasting color to add a bit more excitement to your look.

Spice up the look by slipping into a pair of colorful, statement heels.

Not only will this give you a little more height, but it can also lift your look by drawing attention to your shoes without taking away the simplicity of the classic black dress.

Choose a bright colored pair so you can look and feel like a million dollars.

However, if you aren’t keen on wearing heels, opt for a pair of vibrant pumps instead to add a bit of excitement.

Select a Statement Bag or Clutch

No formal wear is complete without a stylish clutch or bag to go along with it.

But, bright bags are not just great for holding your essentials.

It also lends the perfect pop of color to accessorize a black dress.

This is an instant way to make your plain black outfit more interesting, while securely holding your keys, phone and makeup too.

A chic, colorful clutch can bring the best out of your black dress.

So, choose one with bright colors and bold patterns to add a little extra something to your look.

A neon bag is also a good choice as it will not only look edgy but also add a touch of vibrancy to your look.

Go for a Bold Makeup Look

The easiest way to add a pop of color to any look is to add it to your face.

Whether you go for a bold lipstick of bright eyeshadow, applying a few colored cosmetics can really go a long way.

If you want to keep everything else about your outfit toned down, go daring on your makeup look.

So, add a bit of interest to your look by highlighting the natural features of your face with color.

Add Colorful Polish to Your Nails

Women wearing a black dress with bright red nail polish with lights in her hand

Never underestimate the power of a great manicure.

Even brightening up something as simple as your nail color can add some extra dimension to your whole look.

So, refreshing your little black dress could be as easy as adding a pop of color to your nails.

A bright manicure can stand out against all that black clothing, so consider painting your nails a fun, vibrant color.

To add a little extra edge to your painted nails, try adding one statement nail that is a different color to the rest.

This will draw even more attention to your nails to add a simple bit of edginess to your look.