How to Shop for Modest Fashion Trends of 2018

Woman wearing modest fashion clothes with stripy trousers and holding pink backpack

When it comes to style trends in 2018, modest fashion has been one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry.

From dresses with longer lengths and long sleeves to cover-ups, it’s the talk of the fashion sphere.

Hot trends in fashion, such as shirt dresses and tailored suits have overpowered the strappy dress whilst layering dresses with tops, T-shirts and knitwear has become the norm.

There has been an undeniable evolution within the fashion industry over the last few seasons with a shift to a more modest overall look.

A more demure and covered-up look has replaced the revealing styles of the 90s.

There is no doubt, this trend is becoming increasingly popular.

Within this more modest, trendy styling, there have been specific trends and highlights that have become must-haves within every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Whether you wear modest fashion top to bottom or simply love some key pieces to team with your own personal style, we will show you some of the most trendy items in modest fashion this year.

What Are the Trendiest Modest Fashion Pieces of 2018?

Woman wearing modest fashion essentials including white palazzo pants and a stripy shirt

From fashion elite celebrities, such as Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo, to the street style looks photographed during Fashion Week, modest fashion has been very much on the radar throughout 2018.

There are certainly some key pieces from this year that are overtly modest in style and nature.

This includes covering up with a long sleeve or flattering the figure in a discreet way with an empire waist.

There’s a trendy modest look for every style and size that is perfect for this reserved way of dressing.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses were big for spring and summer in 2018 and are also set to be a key look for autumn and winter.

The shirt dress is a popular way to wear a feminine piece.

But, as the styles are overtly modest, it also works for those wanting to cover more skin.

With the ability to wear the buttons fastened to the top for ultimate coverage, the shirt dress is both classic and versatile.

Plus you can layer it with anything from a tee to a turtleneck, making it extremely versatile.

Hit the mark perfectly this coming season by opting for a shirt dress in snake or leopard print.

Palazzo Pants

Loose-fitting, yet effortlessly chic, the palazzo trouser is a natural must-have for the trendy, modest dresser.

Styles with a super-high waist have been increasingly popular in 2018 with the fit being the most important factor.

The trouser tapers outwards from the hip downwards, ensuring the fit on the derriere is never too tight, therefore keeping the overall look incredibly modest.

Paired with a knit or cropped blazer, this look will remain key moving into the fall season.


Athleisure has been one of the most popular trends of 2018 in every fashion category.

With the ability to style this clothing modestly, it’s also been a huge look in the modest sector.

From track pants with cropped hoodies to yoga pants teamed with a longline, oversized sweatshirts; athleisure is all about sporty vibes, styled with a street-style edge.

Don’t forget to complete your look with an essential belt bag.


Beautiful tailoring was seen on every catwalk for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter ’18 fashion shows.

Plus, it’s been a must-have look for every fashion blogger and influencer on social media, making it a hit trend.

From soft pastel colors to all-white looks, suits will continue to hit the mark through fall and are a perfect look for modest styles.

With relaxed-fit suit trousers and long-line, boyfriend blazers, the look is sophisticated and demure, perfect for both workwear and an off-duty outfit.

Straight Leg Jeans

Goodbye skinny jeans.

In 2018, it’s been all about straight leg jeans.

Straight leg jeans are much more modest than the previously popular skinny jean due to the relaxed fit and much less revealing tightness of the latter.

Whether you opt for high-waisted or low-slung, simple or distressed, black or light-wash, the straight leg jean is the key shape in denim for 2018.

Where to Buy Trendy Modest Clothes

Woman wearing modest fashion stripy dress and standing by wall

Luckily the fashion industry is now taking notice to the demand and need for more modest options.

Therefore, it is becoming less of a task to find fashion-forward and trend-inspired pieces with a little-added coverage.

High Street Stores

High street stores worldwide have modest options that would work for almost any occasion.

Such as H&M, who specifically cater to the modest market with individual collections.

But, they also design for longer lengths and high necklines within their mainline, it can be a fantastic place to find modest, fashionable pieces at a good price point.

High street fashionistas, such as Zara and Mango are also known for their options in midi and maxi dresses and long sleeve dresses and tops for a more modest option.

Contemporary Modest Fashion Specialists

When it comes to modest specific retailers, modest dressers now have more options than ever before.

From Modanisa to ModLi, marketplaces built to cater for the modest woman with a love a trend-led fashion, there are now companies specifically curating fashion collections.

This includes long sleeves and longer lengths in mind to give their shoppers the best and most varied options online.

Trends for Each Occasion

Woman wearing modest fashion white blouse with pink midi skirt, belt and black heels

When it comes to modest fashion trends and fashion trends in general, certain looks work better for different occasions, whether it be day to day or special events.

Here, we take a look at some specific occasions and the best modest fashion trends to work with to build and create a chic, trendy look.

Office Wear

Depending on the level of formality within your work environment, office wear will vary.

However, two of the most popular modest trends are almost designed and created to work perfectly in tandem with your workwear wardrobe.

Tailoring of any sort forms a chic and professional work look, so shirt dresses and tailored suits are ideal modest trends to invest in for your office look.

With the ability to layer and mix and match, shirt dresses and suits can be versatile enough to form several different looks for work whilst remaining effortlessly modest and chic.

Brunch with The Girls

A Sunday morning brunch date with your best friends is the perfect excuse to pull out your favorite pair of straight leg jeans and team with flat mules and your best graphic tee.

As we move into fall, simply add a chic boyfriend blazer or cozy knit for warmth and when it comes to winter, the same outfit works perfectly with either flat or heeled ankle boots.

Dinner Date

Palazzo pants and heels is a perfect look for date night as an alternative to a dress.

Opt for a striking statement print or keep it simple in black and pair effortlessly with a fine cropped knit or lace, long sleeve top.

If you love to wear a dress for dinner, opt for a chic midi length for ultimate modesty and look for shapes that show a little less of your figure, for example, an empire waist style, which skims over your shape without clinging.

Girls Night Out

A girl’s night outlook doesn’t have to mean a revealing mini dress.

From a long sleeve dress with extra coverage to black jeans and chic top combination, a modest girl’s night out look exudes sophistication with a hint of sass.

When it comes to selecting a more modest dress for a night on the town, opt for the lace trend, which gives added coverage on the arms and neckline whilst remaining overtly dressed-up.

How to Wear Other Trends More Modestly

Woman wearing smart, modest fashion white blouse and trousers

It doesn’t just come down to choosing modest-only pieces and trends when you choose to dress in a more demure way.

There will always be certain catwalk trends to avoid if you want to remain more covered.

So, you don’t have to miss out on many of the most popular trends and looks as they can be adapted to your modest style.


This is a word we hear a lot in fashion at the moment but it shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is a fantastic and trendy way to blend your modest vibe with the season’s must-have styles.

Layering doesn’t just mean you can still enjoy spaghetti strapped tops and silky slip dresses.

However, it also gives you a great way to make your whole wardrobe more versatile, creating several different looks from one key piece.

Think outside the box and don’t just layer with T-shirts.

Remember you can layer any of your tops and dresses with shirts, knitwear or even turtlenecks to give a revealing item some extra coverage in a trendy way.

Choose Your Trends

By choosing the seasons trends carefully, you can also keep up to date with seasonal fashion by choosing fabric and color trends and adapting it to your modest style.

For example, if you love the lace trend or adore sequins or pastel shades, opt for modest pieces that incorporate these trends.

Therefore you can create your own unique look, which is still inspired by the season’s trends.


Sheer clothing has been huge in 2018 and although the general trend is to show visible underwear, it’s not the only way to wear the look.

Depending on how modest you want to be, you can always wear camisoles or full tees under chic sheer tops.

Make up your own fashion rules and you can wear any trend in your own modest way.

As fashion becomes more inclusive and aware of the need to have more modest options, we’re seeing a much better variety of pieces in store and online to choose from and create demure looks.

By choosing the best trends to work for a modest look and adapting items to ensure you’re as covered as you’d like to be, it’s becoming much easier to dress in a trendy, fashion-forward way, whilst remain overtly modest and eternally sophisticated.