How to Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy

Woman wearing purple dress during pregnancy in field

Your pregnancy should never put a stop to your personal style.

Dressing well when you want to and maintaining your confidence is important during this time of change.

There are many ways to keep you stylishly dressed, whilst remaining comfortable with your bump.

Here, we take a look at the best fashion choices for maternity wear.

We’ll show you how to change your style with the growth of your bump and how to keep your unique personal style with just a few maternity-ready adaptations.

As your shape changes with the growth of your baby while pregnant, it is not uncommon to experience a struggle with dressing and styling yourself.

Although your body is changing shape, it doesn’t mean that you need to give up your personal style.

So, don’t get stumped by your evolving figure.

Embrace your new pregnancy curves and dress to flatter and exude your inner confidence.

What Essential Pieces Should You Invest In?

Lady wearing floral dress during pregnancy in apartment

You’re fully aware that your body is going to be changing shape fairly quickly over the next few months of your pregnancy.

Therefore, many women don’t want to heavily invest in a maternity wardrobe, which will be short-lived and eventually useless come to the end of the pregnancy.

However, there are some essential items for a stylish and comfortable maternity wardrobe that are worth the investment.

Pieces that will last the entirety of your pregnancy and that you will return to time and time again when pregnant are all good reasons to invest a little more.

These fashion picks will make you feel stylish and confident during your maternity months.

Maternity Jeans

Gone are the days of hideous full-stretch waistbands when it comes to maternity jeans.

Now, the styles available on the market are just as on-trend, chic and stylish as any other denim and if you’re a jeans wearer regularly, this is where you might want to invest.

Perfect for all occasions, a good pair of maternity jeans will take you through your pregnancy and maintain your own personal style

This will make it easy for you to choose an outfit that can be paired easily with jeans.

The great thing about maternity jeans rather than simply going up a size in your regular favorite jeans is the fact that they are designed and built for your bump.

In essence, they are pregnancy-proof.

Fitting perfectly at the thigh, hip and derriere, the elasticated inserts simply help to support and add comfort around your growing baby bump.


If you’re working into your pregnancy and don’t like the idea of being in flats for nine months, it’s time to invest in a great pair of mid-heel, classic shoes.

If you opt for pointed pumps, you can wear them to the office and with jeans for dinner, getting extra use out of them.

It’s also worth considering buying half a size bigger than your regular shoe size, as your feet will change throughout the course of your pregnancy, along with your bump.

Investing in a more expensive and luxuriously comfortable pair of shoes from a designer brand will ensure optimum comfort.

This will also keep your maternity wardrobe in line with your stylish everyday self.

What Pieces Keep You Stylish and Comfortable?

Lady wearing knitwear during pregnancy with stripy t-shirt underneath while holding her bump

While it’s important for you to maintain your personal style to keep feeling yourself and confident throughout your pregnancy, comfort has to come high on your list of priorities.

There are some definite maternity fashion pieces to opt to keep you both stylish and comfortable when dressing your bump.

V-Neck Knitwear

Knitwear is a great option for pregnancy.

If you choose very fine, soft knit sweaters, you’ll stay cool, comfortable and look effortlessly stylish from day to night.

Easy to pair with maternity jeans, opt for a couple of sizes up for that oversized look for added comfort, but maintaining that on-trend style.

Super complimentary for a bigger bust, the V-neck shape flatters a pregnant shape, whilst keeping the waist and stomach area loose and comfortable.

With options from high street retailers to designer labels, knitwear can be shopped to suit every budget.

The Wrap Dress

A chic, on-trend and eternally stylish shape, the wrap dress is a winner for a maternity wardrobe.

When dressing your bump, you might be tempted to wear oversized, super large dresses, which are comfortable, but not the chicest option.

Because you need some added fabric around the center, wrap dresses work because they don’t then add extra fabric at the shoulder and arms, which are still petite.

Wrap dresses flatter your smaller areas while giving room to your bump, allowing you ultimate style points at maximum comfort.

Plus, wear them with heels, trainers or flip-flops, for any and every occasion.


Your underwear will undoubtedly need to be replaced more often than normal as your shape changes when pregnant.

Because of this, it’s not always worth a high investment.

Many women’s bust size will change by the month when pregnant.

So, a high street bra choice will be less painful than investing in a designer label, which becomes unwearable two months later.

Underwear is just as, or more, important as your clothing to keep you comfortable and to make sure your outer clothes sit smoothly and stay where you want them.

From maternity bras to simply moving up in size, the choice will be down to what suits your style and what feels most comfortable.

From comfortable bra liners, to increase the comfort of an underwire, to belly shaping knickers, you can now find a wealth of pregnancy-proof intimates for your every need.

There are also suggestions that ensuring you have great support with the right underwear can help to reduce the chance of stretch marks later on.

How to Dress for Each Trimester

Pregnant woman wearing a red maternity dress while holding baby bump

Each trimester of your pregnancy will bring new and exciting changes.

When it comes to your wardrobe the difference between dressing in your first and in your third trimester will be different for each and every woman.

First Trimester

This is often when women are concealing their pregnancies from those less close to them.

This might mean a tiny bump, or for some, they might be showing slightly more.

During this stage, loose-fit blouses and shirts work well and shift dresses are perfect to remain stylish but ensure a purposefully loose-fit shape.

Second Trimester

This is where you’ll see the most rapid change.

Therefore, you might not want to invest too heavily in clothes for yourself during these months, unless they’re the type of pieces that will grow with you.

Here, embrace the wrap dress. It will be good for your shape throughout the trimester and allow you to re-style from casual to dressy, easily.

Third Trimester

During your third trimester is where you might feel the least comfortable.

Help yourself here by sticking to flat sandals and flowing, stretchy maxi dresses, which will allow you all the comfort you need.

If you don’t feel like jeans anymore, opt for comfortable leggings and wear under an oversized jumper dress with lots of stretch.

Layer with gold necklaces or a statement earring to keep you feeling and looking on-trend.

Maternity Jeans for Every Trimester

Three different shades of blue jeans for each pregnancy trimester

As your bump grows and changes, you will still want to look stylish and chic in your favorite denim looks.

While jeans can certainly be worn through the entirety of your pregnancy, try under the bump maternity jeans for the first two trimesters.

This shape sits comfortably underneath the bump with the help of elasticated waist panels for added support.

When you make it to your third trimester, under the waist maternity jeans might begin to feel a little less comfortable.

Here, it might be best to try out other styles, such as over the bump boyfriend jeans, which sit higher and have a more relaxed fit, rather than skinny fit.

Alternatively, you could try a jersey basque maternity jean, which incorporates a larger piece of stretchy jersey at the front, instead of zip and buttons, for an overall more comfortable fit.

This style is best if you’d prefer to continue with skinny-fit jeans.

Where to Buy the Best Maternity Clothes

From all your high street favorites, to designer labels at a higher price point, maternity wear has never been so good.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a complete wardrobe or just searching for a few new pieces, it’s always helpful to shop in store.

So, take your time within the fitting rooms to ensure you’re only choosing items with optimum comfort.

However, if you love to shop online, choose from brands known for their maternity wear and make sure you can try everything on at home and return pieces that don’t work for your new shape.

For fantastically priced maternity outfits in on-trend styles and colors, look towards stores, such as H&M and Topshop.

Such stores are famed for creating maternity versions of their regular looks, ensuring their mum-to-be shoppers are catered for.

Multi-brand online stores such as ASOS also provide a plethora of trendy options with styles to suit every pregnancy shape.

If you’re looking to spend a little more and invest in some designer maternity wear, head to denim brands such as J Brand, Paige and Citizens of Humanity for stylish maternity jean options.

Labels such as Hatch and Ingrid & Isabel will provide stunning options in day to day, casual dresses and Séraphine offers choices in everything from tops to trousers.

Staying fashionable when pregnant is all about maintaining your personal style with just a few pregnancy-proof tricks.

By opting for discreet maternity jeans and a chic V-neck sweater, your style remains on point, while ensuring you and your bump have the maximum comfort.

Changing your wardrobe slightly as your shape changes will help you to maintain your style.

By investing in just a few key pieces, you won’t have to spend your entire pregnancy shopping for new fashion items.