How to Wear a Bodycon Dress for Over 40s

Woman wearing a purple bodycon dress in a field

The bodycon dress isn’t just for younger woman.

Contrary to popular thought, passing the 40-year mark doesn’t mean you have to adopt shapeless fits.

Aging can herald a series of challenges in adapting and responding to your changing body and aesthetic.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the classic bodycon dress.

When it comes to the clothes you wear, personal choice, confidence, and comfort take precedence over age concerns.

This means that anyone of any age can rock a bodycon dress if they want to.

As long as you abide by a few do’s and don’t of how to wear a bodycon dress as an over 40-year-old, the world is your oyster.

Too often we retreat to fashion rules and codes of conduct that appear increasingly outdated and redundant.

But, choosing the right print, material, and accessories, you will be able to rock the bodycon dress with confidence.

What is A Bodycon DressWoman wearing a white bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses assume a form-fitting shape.

This works to outline and accentuate the contours of your silhouette with its tight fit.

With the level of exposure it permits, most assume that the bodycon style is strictly reserved for younger women sporting a particular physique.

However, this isn’t the case.

In fact, bodycon dresses when styled right, can work to really flatter women of any age and body shape.

As a fit that follows and accentuated the contours and curves of your figure, you really need to ensure that you hold yourself confidently in terms of your posture.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress

Rock Self Confidence

If you’re prone to negative thoughts about your self-image, this may tend to reflect these in terms of your body language.

But, you can’t get away with awkwardly slumping or subconsciously hiding your body in a bodycon dress.

This is because the dress will just amplify the slouch and won’t look flattering.

To wear a bodycon dress with confidence, hold yourself up straight and walk with confidence.

Confidence breeds attractiveness and vice versa.

Learn to love your body and the rest will follow, you will find dressing will become much easier.

Dress For Comfort

For those nervous about the prospect of donning a form-fitting style just remember, you can show as little skin as you wish.

Bodycon doesn’t mean revealing.

You can opt for a higher neck or longer length to make it appear more conservative.

So, stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Any signs of discomfort will make its presence known with unflattering results.

Staying within the parameters of what you’re comfortable with needn’t be a stagnant process.

You can start by gradually introducing features slowly.

So if you’re conscious of a particular area such as your arms, opt for a bodycon dress with elbow length sleeves.

Add a ruched detail to simultaneously cover this area, whilst adding a spot of personality and interest to your bodycon dress.

Diversifying with textures is also a great way to balance out the bodycon dress look.

So, if you are anxious about venturing out with such a tight fit, why not try a bodycon dress that comes with slightly loose fitting sleeves?

There are endless opportunities to explore when styling a bodycon dress for over a 40-year-old.

It just requires a bit of consideration and creativity to help you along the way.

What Type of Dress To Look Out For?

Woman wearing a black bodycon dress with white detail and holding an umbrella

Whilst the fit of a bodycon dress is distinctive in itself, the print you choose goes a long way.

This can dictate the overall look and feel of your outfit, so pick wisely.

Colors and Prints

Colors and prints are incredibly powerful in mediating those first impressions we care to master.

These will also depend on personal factors such as skin tone and build.

Experimenting with prints is a really fun and creative way to appropriate a bodycon dress to make the overall outfit look more interesting.

Whilst a lot of over 40-year-old women retreat to neutral tones to appear sophisticated and mature, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring different prints.

This is where your own personal taste and personality comes in.

There’s no wrong or right print to wear.

This will depend on what works for your taste and your body shape.

Whilst it’s important to remain comfortable in the clothes you’re in if you’re craving something colorful, different and unusual why not opt for a print that deviated from the neutral color set?

Different patterns can be used to strategically either draw attention from our attention to desired targeted areas.

For example, if you have more of a pear shape figure and you’re conscious of your wide hips – opt for a dress with a pattern that focuses the attention and eyes on your upper half.

A great solution is a dress that features a bold and exaggerated on the bottom that gradually fades into a smaller and more modest pattern at the top.

Another great way to make your figure appear thinner is stripes.

When it comes to patterns, stripes can be an area of contention, however, when used correctly stripes can really work to flatter your figure.

The rule goes that vertical stripes are thinning, whereas horizontal stripes tend to enlarge the area.

So, if you’re on the other bandwagon and feel conscious about appearing too narrow and thin, horizontal stripes are for you.


Another important factor to consider whilst perusing different bodycon dresses is the material.

The material of your bodycon dress could, on one level, be seen by far as the most important feature to bear in mind.

Whilst shapewear is incredibly reliable and effective, if you’re still conscious of your lumps and bumps, try and avoid really thin material.

Another potential issue that comes from this material is the transparency of the material.

The last thing you want when venturing outside with a bodycon dress is a see-through the disaster.

Wearing bodycon can require a bit of bravery, regardless of your age, as your figure is on show.

Against that backdrop, you don’t need transparency to add to the list of concerns.

Instead, opt for a good quality material that doesn’t risk an involuntary reveal of what’s under the dress

How to Accessorize a Bodycon Dress

Woman wearing a statment necklace with a bodycon dress

Dressing mature isn’t synonymous with dressing without interest or creativity.

You can still grow older gracefully whilst retaining some intrigue to your outfits.

This extends to the accessories you pair with your bodycon dress.


If you’re self-conscious about appearing too young, you can transform the tone of the outfit by teaming your dress with an elegant necklace.

This will exude a more sophisticated and refined look.

The accessories you opt for will be dictated by the occasion you’re dressing for.

If you’re planning an outfit for an important meeting at work, it’s important to balance out the semi-revealing and form-fitting fit with more professional and sensible accessories.

This can be easily achieved by pairing your bodycon dress with a few carefully selected accessories.

Opt for studs over hoops, and try a smart and tailored jacket to inject a professional and smart feel to your outfit.

If you’re dressing for a night out with the girls, don’t shy away from jewelry.

Depending on the neckline of your bodycon dress, necklaces are a great addition to a bodycon dress outfit.

It works to draw attention to your collarbone and frame your face.

Necklaces also serve as a great focal point and give you an opportunity to explore with different designs and gemstones.

They also inject a bit of color to break up the color or pattern of your bodycon dress.

For a more casual look, tones down your bodycon dress with a pair of flats and a cropped jacket.

With such a form-fitting shape, a bodycon dress often veers more towards occasion wear.

So, ensure you team your look with the right accessories to avoid looking too overdressed.


Belts are also a great way to break up the color and shape of a bodycon dress.

It works to draw attention to your waist whilst looking both chic and sophisticated too.

Undergarments To Smoothen The Outfit

Woman wearing black underwear and holding a pink light fabric to cover herself

As bodycon dresses consist of such a tight and form-fitting shape, you need to choose your underwear wisely.

The tight fit doesn’t provide ample room for thick and oversized underwear, so be wary of underwear that appears bulky in terms of size and texture.

With such a streamlined and form-fitting shape, a bodycon dress doesn’t leave much room for underwear that isn’t seamless and thin.


Avoid sporting a visible pant line and opt for underwear made with a thinner material.

Shape underwear is a great and reliable solution to the predicament of what to wear under tight and form-fitting dresses.

Shapewear typically comes in a pair of brief life seamless pants that start from the waist and follow down to your mid-thigh.

The tight material works to compress your fat and suck it in to make your figure appear more pert and firmer.

This can take a few inches off your waist and stomach area.


Another reliable fall back underwear option is a thong.

Especially if you’re wearing a long body con dress, a thong is the safest option, as it doesn’t risk any visible pant line showing through the dress.

Push-Up Bras

Another undergarment that deserves a mention is your bra.

What bra you should pick will depend on the neckline and overall style and design of your dress.

For most cases, a push-up bra is a great option to sport under a bodycon dress.

It lifts your bust to create more of a voluminous and curvaceous shape on your upper half.

Especially as a mature woman, push up bras are a great way to keep your bust perkier and in place.

Due to the tight fit of a bodycon dress, any sign of your breasts going south could result in an exaggerated sag that you will want to avoid.

What Style of Bodycon Dress Works Best?

Woman wearing a black bodycon dress with black earrings

As with most dress styles, there aren’t one style suits all body con dress style.

You will need to select your bodycons dress sleeve style and length based on your own body type.

What’s important to keep in mind is that you should only wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Women’s bodies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and there is a dress out there that will work to flatter and compliment your own personal shape.

Think Of What Features You Want To Conceal and Accentuate

In terms of what style of bodycon dress to go for, this will depend on your personal preference and what parts of your body you are most keen to show off, and those that you wish to conceal.

If you consider your legs to be your personal assets, opt for a shorter length bodycon dress to show them off, with long sleeves.

It’s important to keep a balance as showing too much skin could appear busy and distracting.

For those with a curvier shape with wide hips and a small waist, go for a thinner material and simple bodycon dress without any added detailing.

If you want to accentuate your bust, opt for a boat neck or V-neck line to draw attention to this area.

If it’s your shoulders and arms that you’re most proud of, go for a bodycon dress with a stylish narrow high neck.

This style works great with a bold, statement necklace too to achieve both a stylish and mature look.

For those of you that veer more towards the self-conscious side when it comes to your arms and shoulders, pick out a bodycon dress not just with robust and thick sleeves.

Make sure you also choose sleeves that bear details such as ruffles to disguise any bulging you wish to conceal.