How to Wear a Bodycon Dress Modestly

Woman wearing yellow bodycon dress with grey shoes and sitting on stairs

Bodycon can work stylishly for a modest fashionista when both the fabric and fit is just right.

You just need to ensure that the fabric is thick, high-quality and stretchy to support the figure without making the overall look too revealing.

Wearing a bodycon style with sleeves or in a midi length is a chic way to rock the look more modestly.

Also, wearing the perfect underwear ensures smooth, elegant lines and guarantees the avoidance of the feared visible panty line.

Although slim-fitting and with the potential to be incredibly sexy, the elusive bodycon dress can be more conservative too.

It can actually be styled as modestly and elegantly as you prefer with just a few simple changes to your look.

If you’ve ever wondered about the bodycon fit and decided it wasn’t for you, think again.

Take a look through our fashion hints and tips and discover that this feminine and overtly stylish dress shape can create a chic and modest look that is perfect for your style.

What Is a Bodycon Dress?

Woman wearing a white bodycon dress

A bodycon dress can sometimes be confused with the similar styling of a bandage dress.

However, there are some key differences that will highlight how a fitted bodycon dress can be made more modest.

The bodycon dress isn’t just simply the tightest dress on offer.

It is actually all about creating a beautifully tailored fit that flatters and highlights a woman’s curves.

Alternatively, it is a bandage dress that’s designed to cling overtly to the body, often labeled as a “second skin”.

Be Selective

Choosing the perfect bodycon dress for you and to ensure you maintain your modest style is all about shape.

Because a dress is fitted, doesn’t mean it has to be revealing.

This is where you’ll find a big difference between an overly sexy dress and a stylish dress.

Being modest also doesn’t always mean it’s necessary to cover up every inch of your body and skin.

Being selective with your shape choices, allows you to choose between features.

For example, your legs or your bust, meaning you cover up one feature and enhance or emphasize the femininity of the other.

What Kind of Fabrics Should You Go For?

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for a bodycon dress that is both flattering and feminine.

Thicker, stretchier fabrics always tend to work best for this.

Avoid very fine knit fabrics or silky materials for bodycon styles as they can be particularly revealing and are more likely to show off more than to you bargained for.

Stretch Jersey

A thick, stretch jersey fabric helps to support and flatter your figure, whilst remaining solid and structured for a stylish and expensive-looking dress.

Jersey is also incredibly soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for workwear and all-day comfort.

Scuba Fabric

A popular choice for bodycon dresses is the scuba fabric.

This is a high-stretch material, which offers a good solution for a figure-hugging, fitted finish.

If opting for scuba, ensure the fabric is as thick as possible to ensure you don’t end up revealing too much.

How to Draw Attention Away from The Bust and Bum

Woman wearing pink bodycon dressUse outfit distractions to remain covered and modest when wearing a bodycon dress.

These fashion tips help you to distract attention from the bust and derriere areas, allowing you to feel more comfortable in a fitted style.

Opt for Lace

If you are drawn to bodycon styles with plunging necklines, hunt for the perfect shape with lace paneling across the décolletage.

This will add a semi-sheer finish without the full plunge effect.

Equally, if you’ve found your dream bodycon dress but the neckline is too low for your modest style, modify it.

Take it to a tailor and add a piece of lace or fabric to create the perfect neckline to suit you.

Choose an Elegant Neckline

Elegant necklines don’t always equal turtlenecks or very high crew-neck shapes.

In fact, these two shapes may be the highest and most modest necklines when it comes to dresses but they actually enhance the bust and make it appear larger.

A scooped neckline or soft V-neck can often be the most flattering and modest styles.

Paired with a long statement necklace, you can elongate your figure and draw attention away from the bust.

Wear A Belt

Adding a statement or simple belt to a bodycon dress instantly draws the attention directly to the waist rather than the bust or bum.

Not only does this create a more modest overall look, but the belt can also help to cinch in your waist and effortlessly flatter your figure.

Choose a belt style and color that works in tandem with the style of the dress.

How to Keep Everything Covered While Remaining Stylish

Woman wearing grey duster coat over bodycon dress

Aiming to modestly cover up, whilst remaining stylish and fashion-forward can sometimes feel like a tricky discipline.

With fashion becoming increasingly revealing, there are certain ways to style a fitted bodycon dress in your own, very modest and elegant way.

Experiment with Layering

If you love to wear bodycon dress styles but like to cover up, play around with layering with your dress and experiment with pieces already within your wardrobe.

Add a crisp white shirt underneath your dress to cover up arms and a plunging neckline.

Or, simply team it with a tailored blazer for a look that means business.

Long Sleeves

Don’t let the common belief that long sleeves are too conservative cloud your judgment on styles that are actually stunningly stylish.

A long sleeve can not only cover up but also add a feminine and sophisticated touch to a sultry bodycon dress, giving you just the coverage you crave.

Opt for a solid sleeve, which delicately elongates the arms and offers a beautiful day to night silhouette.

Or, keep it ultra-feminine with the addition of a semi-sheer or lace sleeve instead.

Midi Length Rules

Bodycon dresses might be revealing in terms of shape.

However, a midi length dress, falling to just below the knee, makes the look instantly modest and stylish.

One of the hottest lengths of the season, the midi is going nowhere and a dress of this length will serve you for years to come.

So, it’s a great choice when it comes to deciding which pieces to invest well in.

Add an Elegant Duster Coat

If your favorite bodycon dress leaves you feeling just a touch too revealed, a simple and elegant solution is the classic addition of a duster coat.

This stylish piece is light, often made from satin or a beautifully soft jersey, and has a flowing and airy shape.

This will give you freedom from an all-over tight-fitting effect.

Falling to the ankle or even the floor, maintain your feminine shape by adding a statement belt over the duster coat to cinch in the waist.

How to Keep Underwear Lines Hidden

Woman sitting on floor in black underwear covered by a pink fabric

Modesty and style aren’t all about the specific bodycon dress you choose to wear.

To ensure your look is elegant and polished, start below the dress.

Selecting the right underwear to ensure you keep underwear lines hidden results in the perfect, smooth lines of your figure, uninterrupted by unsightly underwear dents and creases.

From high-end luxury designers to inexpensive high street labels, you can now find the perfect foundation underwear to pair with your favorite bodycon dress.

So whatever your budget, you can get the chicest finishing touch to your look.

Body Control Underwear

With Bridget Jones jokes regarding large underwear and a common misconception of discomfort and all-day agony with body control underwear.

We’re stepping into controversial territory, that need not be so risqué.

These days within fashion, underwear is just as important as the clothing above it.

This means you can find a plethora of different options available to suit your needs and to ensure you’re never left with a visible panty line.

With styles that comfortably sit underneath your bra and reach down to your knees, you’ll never have to worry about a VPL ever again.

Fashion Tip: Don’t leave body control underwear to ladies who are searching for a little extra tummy control help.

Slimmer women can equally benefit from a body control piece when it comes to fitted bodycon dresses to ensure smooth lines at all times.

High-Waist Thong

If a full body control piece doesn’t sound like your style, this isn’t your only option to pair with your bodycon dress.

Simply opt for a high-waist thong, rather than a regular style.

This way, the panty will naturally sit higher on your hip, avoiding the obvious G-string dent you risk when teaming it with a very fitted dress.

Laser Cut Underwear

Laser cut underwear, also known as seamless underwear, is the perfect solution for those who want to wear a chic bodycon dress.

You’ll find styles from a full brief to French or a thong with a quick search for laser or seamless underwear, resulting in a fantastic plethora of options for every color choice and style.

This underwear is designed specially to appear completely flat on your skin.

This will let you achieve a smooth line with no indent or ridge.

There is something for every budget from luxury brands to high street options.

So, ensure you are never left with a visible panty line by adding a few laser cut panties to your collection.


Rewrite fashion faux-pas and discover how you can wear a bodycon dress modestly and stylishly.

Simultaneously ensure that you cover up what you want and show off what you choose.

For any body type and any occasion, the bodycon dress can be the perfect, feminine style.