How to Wear a Bodycon Dress Whilst Pregnant

Pregnant woman wearing a black bodycon dress

As if being pregnant and prepping for your baby’s arrival isn’t stressful enough.

Choosing maternity wear can be a difficult and daunting task.

However, it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time throughout your pregnancy.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up on style.

For the days, you want to look and feel a little extra chic, there’s nothing more effortlessly sexy than a bodycon dress.

This curve-clinging garment is perfect for mums-to-bes who want to flaunt their bump and put their figure on full display.

By choosing the right material, length and prints, you can look great in a bodycon dress while allowing your bump to grow comfortably.

So, keep reading as we show you hacks to enhance your maternity wardrobe to be cozy-chic with the staple bodycon dress.

Now you can look and feel your best when pregnant while dressing up your growing bump.

Why Wear a Bodycon Dress While Pregnant

Pregnant woman wearing a red bodycon dress with her hands on her bump

Being pregnant doesn’t have to negate your personal style.

In fact, it is important to not lose your fashion identity and style throughout your pregnancy.

This is so you can feel like yourself even as your body goes through a rollercoaster of changes over the months.

However, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the bodycon dress.

Oversized and flowy items may seem like the practical option for clothing during your maternity months.

It natural to feel uncomfortable about your growing bump and want to wear clothes that are big and baggy.

But, while this may help to conceal your bump, it can also make you look much bigger than you actually are.

You don’t need to feel like you have to wear huge, shapeless pieces while pregnant.

So, rather than swathing and trying to hide your bump, you need to outline it.

This is why a trusty bodycon dress is perfect for maternity wear.

A great bodycon dress should be a wardrobe staple for all women whether you are pregnant or not.

Not only is it a versatile piece that can go a long way, but it is also great to be worn for any occasion you can think of.

This garment is easy to wear, style and is nice and snug to fit your shape while accommodating your growing bump perfectly.

All you need to know is how to adapt it in order to get the most use and comfort out of it during your pregnancy.

Keep reading as we show you how.

Choose the Right Fabric

Maternity clothes can be expensive, especially when you are only wearing them for a couple of months.

However, you don’t want to stretch out your regular clothes by wearing them when your bump grows.

Therefore, the best option is to choose soft, stretchable garments that are easy and comfortable to wear.

So, try and invest in a good bodycon dress with a stretchy fabric material, so that your bump can grow into it.

Try and look for a bodycon dress that is made with material like cotton, lycra or spandex, that is designed to stretch.

Also, keep in mind that you need to choose a dress that will be flexible around your midsection to sit comfortably around your belly.

This will hug the bump to accentuate it without constricting it.

The right, stretchy bodycon dress will not only last you through the several stages of your pregnancy, but after your maternity too so you can get the most wear out of it.

Choose the Right Size

As your bump continues to grow during your pregnancy, it is important to get clothing sizing right to accommodate these changes.

Many women make the mistake of buying clothing that is one or two sizes bigger than their actual size in order to make room for their growing bump.

The trick is to find something that isn’t too oversized to make you look larger.

Instead, find a bodycon dress that hugs you in all the right places to flatter your new figure.

They key to this is to buy a bodycon dress in your current clothing size, however, it needs to be a shape that works for your growing tummy.

So, try and choose a dress that has some extra room around the waist area.

This way, it won’t constrict your bump once it starts growing and will last you a lot longer than just during your pregnancy.

Make sure the Dress is the Right Length

Pregnant woman wearing white lace bodycon dress and holding bump

The length of the dress you choose has great importance.

However, it is something most women forget to consider when buying maternity clothes.

Look for dresses with longer length at the hem than you would normally go for.

As your bump grows, the front of the dress can hike up more and appear shorter than it actually is.

Therefore, try and choose a knee-length dress so that it will give the bump some room to expand and grow.

This will ensure that the hemline of your dress isn’t brought up too high in the front once your baby starts getting bigger.

Consider the Print and Color of the Dress

When it comes to your bodycon dress during pregnancy, the simpler the better.

If you want to make the most out of the dress and get as much wear out of it as possible, you need to consider how long you have left until the due date.

Therefore, make sure you choose the design of the garment with longevity in mind.

It is best to keep things simple and fuss-free with solid colors and minimal prints that can work for all seasons.

A bright, floral bodycon dress may work great for the spring and summer, however, may be harder to style for the winter months.

In addition to this, loud prints and bold designs can tend to look busy and therefore not as flattering on your body.

Sticking to darker colors will not only make you appear smaller but are also a lot easier to mix and match so it can be layered with other pieces.

This way, you can dress it with other garments and accessories to get the most wear out of it.

So, try and stick to a bodycon dress with a solid color and minimal print to flatter your bump and new curves.

Don’t Forget to Wear the Right Underwear

Pregnant woman wearing white underwear and laying on a bed

What you wear underneath your dress is the first step to creating a great look, especially during pregnancy.

As your body continues to change over the months, you need the right underwear that supports, shapes and flatters you.

When wearing a bodycon dress, it is even more crucial to wear the right underwear.

As it is a figure-hugging dress and extremely close fitting, it is extremely important to avoid visible underwear lines.

When wearing a bodycon dress, seamless is key.

Underwear lines can make the clothing appear bumpy and take away from the smoothness of the dress.

So, try and choose seamless, high-waisted underwear that can stretch over your changing body.

While it may not look the best, it is incredibly comfortable and will look smooth without showing any visible lines or bumps.

When choosing a bra, you need to make sure it is extra supportive.

A woman’s breasts can become very sensitive as they undergo vast changes during pregnancy.

Therefore, the bra not only needs to cover lines but also provide comfort.

A seamless bra is perfect for this as it doesn’t show any visible lines, and will keep the ladies nice and protected.

Accessorize Your Bodycon Dress

Accessories become your best friend during pregnancy.

Not only can they really change up the style of your bodycon dress, but they are also the one thing that you can’t grow put off as your body gets bigger.

Experimenting with the smaller aspects of the look can really help you to keep your personal style during your pregnancy.

The details of accessories can help to take your look the extra mile to really finish off any outfit.

So, invest in some great accessories to really add a punch to your bodycon dress.

As this will help to change up your look, you will be able to get a lot more wear out of your dress.

Finish Off with a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Woman wearing colorful sandals with her feet up on a bench

An elegant pair of shoes can really compliment a bodycon dress and really dress it up a bit.

Comfy feet are a must, especially during the last few months of your pregnancy.

From hip and backache to an increased chance of falling heels probably aren’t the best choice of shoes.

Your feet can also get really sore too, and since heels put a lot of strain on your feet, wearing them while pregnant probably isn’t a good idea.

However, if you still want to rock a bit of height during your pregnancy, opt for wedges or block heels which can provide a bit more support to the feet.

But, if you decide to ditch the heels completely, then get your hands on a cute pair of pumps.

This practical shoe is great for daily wear and looks great with a bodycon dress.

Not only are they comfortable, but pumps are also cute enough that it’ll complete your whole look for you to feel put together.

In addition to, they can also prevent aching legs and swollen ankles.

However, whatever type of shoe you decide to go for, bear in mind that your feet also grow during pregnancy.

So, try and purchase shoes that are half a size bigger than your normal shoe size to accommodate your growing feet.