How to Wear White Jeans for Every Occasion

Lady wearing white jeans and cardigan while holding coffee cup

Be bold, mix it up and embrace white jeans this summer.

Wearing white jeans don’t have to be a risky move anymore.

When styled right, a pair of white jeans works to inject freshness to your outfits, regardless of the occasion.

Knowing what to look out for and what to avoid when shopping for white jeans can be something of a minefield; however, with these tips, we can help you find a pair of white denim jeans that will look great on you.

This article will help eradicate any reservations you may have, by honing in on some tried and tested advice on how to wear white jeans for every occasion.

Why Should You Wear White Jeans

Lady wearing white jeans and cardigan with hands on hips

As summer approaches and the lighter colors of summer start to seep their way into our everyday wardrobes, it’s time to revisit the staple that is denim.

It’s Versatile

You can always count on the versatility and reliability of a classic pair of jeans.

From casual after work drinks to a sophisticated meal out with your in-laws, a pair of denim jeans serves as a classic go-to for all occasions.

Deviating slightly from the classic light blue wash – we’re seeing more and more of dyed denim this season.

A strong contender in the mix is white denim.

Admittedly a divisive style, many approach white denim with caution.


Well, as we all know, white denim doesn’t accommodate an accidental coffee spill on the way to work, nor does it flatter or mask any problem areas (when you’ve opted for the wrong fit that is).

However, this should not deter you, as white denim can look great if you select the right pair.

Whilst some may still associate white denim with glam rock (think Johnny Borell & co), the trend has gained a new force of momentum as of late, with designers and high street stores re-claiming the trend this season in a manner of different styles, to suit just about any occasion.

Just as versatile as a pair of black jeans, white denim emerges as a fresh and fun alternative that can be styled to achieve both a casual and smart look.

The minimalism of wearing white creates a strong base, which you can then build upon with bolder colors.

It’s Perfect for the Summer

What marks white denim as a trustworthy and creative alternative is the way in which it appeals to a more summery and lighter look, without looking too immature or young.

Lighter tones such as whites and crèmes embody a fresher and lighter look, and the colors we wear go a long way influencing the way we project ourselves.

With an abundance of different fits, stitches, tones and details – white denim is everywhere this season. As an incredibly versatile piece with a fresh feel – a pair of white jeans is an essential addition to your spring wardrobe.

What to Consider When Purchasing White Jeans 

Lady wearing white jeans with laptop, earphones and props in background

Whilst you can easily find a pair of white jeans from a variety of different stores, finding the right pair of white jeans isn’t always so straightforward.

Whilst white jeans can make a great addition to your look, there are areas to consider before selecting the perfect pair for you.


Firstly, be cautious of cheap material.

Particularly if you’re opting for a pair of ripped jeans, pick out a pair made with good quality, sturdy material.

Jeans tend to endure a lot of wear and tear from sitting on rough surfaces and textures all day, to taking the majority of impact from walking and moving around – so really you need to invest in material that will endure.

Cheap material doesn’t just look cheap and tacky, it also doesn’t help you in terms of longevity.

Ripped jeans are particularly susceptible to ripping further.


Secondly, as well as the quality of the denim, take into account its thickness.

The thin material you find with most jeggings can be hard to pull off even in more flattering tones such as blacks or blues, never mind white.

Important to consider, a combination of thin and cheap material can lead to unwelcome transparency, and no one wants a potential wardrobe malfunction of visible underwear.

The bonus of opting for thicker denim isn’t just its reliable coverage; it’s also typically more flattering.

With thicker denim comes more structure and shape, which can go a long way in making you feel comfortable and confident.


Lastly, the shade is important to get right.

Unlike black, you’re dealing with a pool of colors here, with some whites ranging from sharper tones to those of a more off-white tone.

For those of us who are particularly prone to stains, it would be wise to opt for a more crème-based white.

White is a versatile color and looks great with most colors, however don’t be afraid to combine white with white.

Just remember to select tones of white that either visible contrast, or go for the very same shade to create a sharper and chic look.

How to Choose the Right White Jeans For Your Body Type?

How to Wear White Jeans for Every Occasion article by Hydridfashion.comAs a timeless and consistent base, denim has survived throughout decades of shifting trends and fads.

The evolution of the style and fit of denim has remained adaptive to a constant rotation of trends; from the skinny jean to the wide leg fit – no matter your preference, there’s a fit out there for you.

As we’re seeing more recognition of different body shapes and fits integrated into contemporary fashion and style, the average shopper now has more choice of styles available.

This means that you can strategically opt for a fit that fits and compliments your body type.

Whilst white denim is often cast as a risky choice, white denim can really work to flatter and compliment your silhouette if you pick the right fit.

Feeling comfortable and confident in your white jeans is important, so ensure you pick the right fit to achieve the look you want.

For those with an hour-glass figure, show off your waist by opting for either a pair of white high waisted, wide leg or mom jeans.

Not only will both of these fits accentuate your small waist, but they also won’t cling to your legs.

Rather than hide your curves, celebrate them with a pair of jeans that highlight your natural assets.

Equally, for those wishing to create more shape where it’s lacking, a pair of white mom jeans can help create a shape around the hips, before tapering at the ankle.

This creates a classic feminine silhouette without clinging awkwardly to problem areas.

What Items Can You Pair it With For a Casual Look?


Your shoes go a long way in dictating the overall tone of your look, so choose these wisely.

If you’re after a more casual and laid-back style, simply pair your white jeans with a pair of trainers.

Combining jeans and trainers instantly creates an effortlessly chic look.

Even with a smarter and tailored denim cut, trainers tone down an outfit whilst retaining an air of cool.

If you’re more inclined to a cropped jean fit, team your jeans with a pair of high top converse.

With white, you have the option here to inject a bit color.

For example, with a pair of cropped trousers with exposed ankle, why not opt for some bold colored socks to create a more playful look?

Socks in bold colors such as red and cobalt blue, give your white denim outfit an added level of edge and intrigue.

Or if you’re sporting a longer length pair of white denim jeans, a pair of understated, yet chic, canvas shoes like Supergas Cotus canvas sneakers work really well.

Alternatively, if you’re faring with summer weather and trainers are a no-go, team your white jeans with a pair of flip-flops.

Particularly with ripped and stressed white denim, teaming your outfit with flip-flops creates more of a laid back, beach vibe look.

Whilst shoes are important, also consider what you’re wearing on your upper half.


Simple, understated and classic – a t-shirt is a great way to balance out your outfit to achieve a more casual look.

As white forms such a versatile, blank canvas, you can really play around and have a lot of fun exploring different colors and patterns.

Try a stripy t-shirt with a round neck collar for a nautical vibe, or a t-shirt with bold, brash colors such as yellow or red.

How Can You Dress Up White Jeans For More Formal Occasions?

Woman wearing white jeans and blazer while sitting on chair with handbag

Crisp, clean and smart – the color white has long since been associated with an air of sophistication.

When you think of formal and significant life events, such as interviews and weddings, the color white remains a consistent feature of smart attire.

White jeans aren’t just a casual item, you can easily dress them up to suit more formal occasions by opting for the right footwear and accessories.


To create a chic and sophisticated look, try combining your white denim jeans with a pair of shoes that boast a bit of height.

A pair of heels instantly transforms an outfit to exude sophistication.

With a narrow leg fit, a pair of stilettos will elongate the leg and flatter your calves.

If you’ve opted for a wide or flared leg fit, a pair of chunky heeled sandals will emphasize the shape of the flare and will give you a powerful walk.

Ankle Boots

If you’re not keen on heels, try combining your pair of white denim jeans with some flat sandals.

Showing a bit of ankle automatically gives off a classic and elegant look.

Or for those of you not keen on showing a bit of ankle, ankle boots not only look smart, but they look chicer too.

Go for a pointed heel with a wide leg fit to balance out the look.

Elegant Necklines

When considering what top to go for, think of elegant necklines that frame the face or reveal skin, such as V or square neck.

These two styles reveal a bit of skin and expose the neck and collarbone area, which effectively help to balance out the block white color on your bottom half.


Another great option is a button down chiffon or silk blouse.

This is a classic look that marks the perfect balance between formal and fun; integrating the silk texture is a nice touch whilst the collar maintains a smart and chic feel.