How to Wear Your Work Dress in Many Different Ways

Woman sitting at her office desk at work and wearing a red dress and heels

From your favorite statement work dress to the everyday little black number that never lets you down, work dresses can sometimes become repetitive.

By layering your work dress with different pieces in your wardrobe, you can create brand new outfits without spending a penny more.

Layer over your work dress with blazers, cropped jackets and cardigans to create depth.

Or layer underneath your dresses with anything from a striped T-shirt to a beautiful silk blouse.

By adding a bright red shoe or a pretty silk neck scarf, you can wear your work dress in different ways.

This way you can get the most use out of your current workwear wardrobe.

Workwear can often become tedious and repetitive.

Although it’s nice to invest in some great dresses to wear in the office, we don’t want to spend all our fashion budget on workwear.

So, the more ways you can get use out of a great work dress, the better.

By styling and accessorizing in new and creative ways, you might be able to create more outfits than you imagined from just one of your favorite work dresses.

Here, we’ll take a look at the types of dresses that work best in the office and how best to style them.

What Types Of Styles Can Be Worn To The Workplace?

Woman wearing a black sheath dress that can be worn to workOffice fashion etiquette has changed and evolved over the last decade.

Although there are still some particularly formal offices, many places of work now allow for a slightly more diverse wardrobe.

This means that you can wear a larger selection of dresses from day to day.

From the classic shirt dress to an elegant DVF-inspired wrap, work dresses are gradually becoming modest versions of our favorite shapes.

Sheath Dress

Sheath dresses suit all body types.

Flowing elegantly with the lines of your waist and hips, they’re flattering, curve-enhancing.

However, they are still modest enough to be a perfect choice for the office.

With choices in sleeveless, cap sleeve or even full-sleeve, the sheath dress is the ultimate choice for re-styling into several different workwear looks.

Wrap Dress

Wraps dresses in the form of stretchy and comfortable fabric will always be a staple in workwear.

Suiting and flattering all body types, the integrated wrap belt allows the perfect fit every time.

This offers a feminine shape for everyday wear.

Fit & Flare Dress

From a relaxed silhouette to a more prominent A-line style, fit and flare dresses are a feminine shape that has lasted through the decades.

With an elegant, fitted waistline and bust, the dress kicks out underneath the waist.

This keeps the entire look modest and professional.

This style can be incredibly versatile and is the key to a day to night look.

Midi Dress

A longer look certainly does not mean frumpy.

In fact, the midi dress has now overtaken mini dresses as a chic, sexy, yet modest way to wear dresses to work.

In this length, you can find styles in every shape.

From A-line to slip dress, paired with the perfect accessories, it’s the ideal workwear look.

Shirt Dress

A classic piece, the shirt dress is a staple in many women’s wardrobes.

Because of its versatile nature, the combination of shirt dress with a plethora of shoes and accessories offers you a different look with every wear.

What Styles of Work Dresses Are Most Easily Styled in Different Ways?

Woman wearing a pink dress with a wrap around the waist that can be worn to workEvery dress in your wardrobe can be styled in different ways with the change of shoes and accessories.

However, some styles, such as wrap dresses, might be a little less versatile when trying to wear them in multiple ways.

Some styles are more adaptable in nature than other.

This gives an easier path for you to switch up your workwear look and style them differently.

The Sheath and Midi Dress

Sheath and midi style dresses can often be the easiest styles to transform from day to day with a simple layering technique.

By adding a shirt or blouse underneath, you can create a new look every day with the same dress.

The Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses can also be a great choice for a versatile piece.

It can be layered with several different pieces, giving you a multitude of options.

This includes adding a waist belt, layering with a turtleneck or even adding trousers to the look.

How to Layer the Dress To Make It Look Different But Still Professional

Woman wearing a work dress layered with a black blazer

With your favorite style dress as the focus of your workwear look, finding great ways to layer and change up the dress means you can create several outfits from just one piece.

Let’s look at some essential ways to layer a dress to change its look, keeping your overall ensemble professional.


Blazers should be a vital section of your workwear wardrobe.

From classic black and tailored to boyfriend-cut for a slouchy look or even a statement design, the combination of dress and blazer can change the entire outfit.

Adding a pinstripe or on-trend plaid blazer to a simple sheath or shift dress offers a contemporary work suit look with a fashion edge.

Adding a black blazer to a light dress or a pastel jacket to a black dress is also a great way to completely change the look of the dress every time.


Layering with a combination of a dress and shirt or blouse can also dramatically change how a dress looks.

This look also means you can wear a dress more plunging or strappy because you’ve layered a crisp white top underneath to give you extra coverage.

Keep it simple with white and pair with anything from black to print or add a statement print blouse to a simple black dress.

Depending on how formal your work environment is, you can also wear a black dress with a printed blouse over, left open and tied at the waist as a stylish detail.


A slightly more casual take on the layered shirt look, team a fitted white T-shirt with a dress of any color and it creates a whole new ensemble.

A sultry satin slip can be made professional and immediately work-appropriate.

Adding a simple tee or a sleeveless dress can be given that extra coverage you need for the office.


From a soft, fine knit sweater to a classic black turtleneck, layering knitwear underneath a work dress is a versatile way to switch it up.

Team alike hues together, keep it simple in black or brighten up an old dress with a red or pastel knit.


When it comes to shirt dresses, a great way to wear them in a whole new style is to unbutton them from bottom to waist.

Wear them open and pair it with a chic pair of cigarette or culottes trousers.

Finish with a statement belt and oversized clutch and you’re ready to take on the office.

How to Accessorize Differently to Change the Style of The Look

A pair of heeled shoes to transform a work dress from day to night

Switch up your accessories to alter the style of your dress to make it more versatile.

From color or print to a classic monochrome look, try out different accessories with the same dress.

You’ll be astonished at how you can wear your work dress differently whilst maintaining a professional and stylish finish.

Add A Splash of Color

Adding a splash of color to a black or grey look can be the key to refreshing a work dress.

Wearing a black dress with yellow transforms a look immediately.

This may even leave your co-workers wondering where your “new” dress is from.


Shoes can make or break an outfit.

They can also transform an outfit, giving you more options from your current collection.

So, don’t be scared to experiment and pair different shoes with dresses you’ve never tried before.

Opt for a different color or style of shoe with your work dress that change your entire style.

However, ensure that the style you choose is appropriate for the office.

Neck Scarf

A silk scarf is an elegant accessory to invest in for your workwear wardrobe.

Not only does it add a pop of color or print to a simple dress, but there are also several ways you can wear it to make it work for your style.

From tying it tightly around your neck in a turtle-neck style to wearing it loosely around the lapels of your blazer, experiment with a neck scarf and switch up your look.


From delicate, staple studs to a colorful pair of statement earrings, simply changing up your jewelry more often can transform your dresses.

This can them more versatile for your work looks.

Getting the most use out of your work dresses is all about creativity and experimentation.