Modest Dressing: How to Make a Revealing Dress More Modest

Woman wearing a black, low neck dress

Have you ever fallen in love with a trendy dress, then had to put it back on the clothing rack because it’s too revealing?

Well, now you won’t have to.

Although strapless, backless and low-neck dresses are popular styles, it’s not for everyone.

But, covering up doesn’t have to take away from the style of a dress.

You can still look great in any dress without showing off all the goods.

Everyone’s idea of modesty is different.

So, we’re going to show you examples of ways to cover up a just a little bit more to make your outfit a bit less revealing.

With a few easy and elegant layering tips, you can wear a dress that keeps you well and truly covered but also keeps you feeling like a million bucks.

Keep reading as we show you how.

Types of Revealing Dresses and How to Give It More Coverage

Deep Necklines

Woman wearing a sequin dress with a deep neckline

If you have your eye on a dress that has a neckline that is just a little too low for your liking, don’t worry.

Simply slip on bralette underneath your dress to keep the ladies concealed if low necklines aren’t your thing.

A bralette is an unstructured bra that can offer more coverage for tops with low necks.

But, it doesn’t come with cups or wires.

So, while it offers very little support, it is a great way to cover up any cleavage to make your dress more appropriately.

But, if you need to wear a more supportive bra, then throw a lace camisole over your bra and under your dress.

This is a more luxe and stylish way to cover up a deep neck dress.

Not only will this lift up the neckline, but it will also keep you more covered while allowing you to wear your favourite supportive bra underneath.

Choosing a lace camisole will also add a little extra detail and sophistication to the neckline.

But, if you don’t want to add the extra layers to your outfit, then a good option is to insert a modesty panel to your bra.

This is a bra insert that is attached to the bra straps and sits between the cups.

This helps to cover the neckline without the bulk of extra garments for some extra coverage.

A lace trimmed one can add that extra touch of femininity and glamour to your dress to give it a lift.

Problem solved.

Short Dresses

Not only are short dresses sometimes too revealing, but they can also make it incredibly uncomfortable to do normal things.

This includes bending down to pick something up something that has fallen while keeping your modesty.

The last thing you want is for your dress to keep riding up the side to ruin your night.

But, it can be hard to find the perfect midi or maxi dress.

So, if you can’t resist the style and design of a shorter length dress, don’t put it back on the rack.

Instead, you can extend the length of it with a skirt extender.

Purchase one that matches the style and colour of your dress so that it looks like part of the outfit.

This will add a bit off an extra flare as well as length to your short dress.

Simply wear it under your dress and choose one that matches your dress well.

Some even have lace details at the bottom to jazz up your outfit even more.

If you don’t want to add a skirt extender to your dress, then pull on a pair of tights instead.

This will cover up your legs when your dress is on the shorter side.

Choose the thickness of the tights depending on how much skin you would like to show.

Try and opt for a natural colour such as black or a shade that matches your dress.

This will give your outfit a more subtle and classic look.

But, if you’d like to show a little skin without being over-exposed, opt for a sheer version instead.

Or, if you want a bolder look to make a muted dress more exciting, opt for bright coloured or patterned tights.

This will give your outfit a pop of colour and really lift it up.

Backless Dresses

Woman wearing a sequinned backless dress

A backless garment doesn’t just show off your back.

It can also reveal the undergarment you wear underneath if you decide to do so.

But, you don’t want to take away from the elegance off the dress when you cover it up.

Wearing a cardigan or layer on top can misshape the dress, so try and avoid doing that.

You need to cover it with something that compliments the dress.

So, opt for a bandeau tube top that you can wear under the dress to layer it discreetly.

Make sure it matches the colour of your dress so that it creates the illusion that it is part of it.

Another way to cover up a backless dress with style is to wear a pashmina.

A pashmina or shawl can decorate a dress and add an extra touch of elegance to it.

When worn properly, it can accessorize a dress to add a touch of glamour.  

Throw it over your shoulders and let it hang loose so that it covers your back.

However, if you want more secure and comfortable coverage, drape it around you to wear it as a wrap.

Then, tie the ends of the shawl together in front of your chest.

This keeps the shawl from falling off your shoulders.

Strapless Dresses

Strapless dresses can often draw attention to your back and bust.

If you don’t want to feel exposed in a strapless dress, there are alternatives to feel more modest and covered up.

Wear a light, sheer shrug or bolero jacket that compliments the dress while covering your arms, shoulders and back.

However, make sure you choose one that conceals the style or design of the dress.

Instead, choose one that works with it just to add a bit of detail and coverage to the outfit.

Lace will never go out of style, so try and find a delicate, lace style covers up that flatters the dress and adds a touch of elegance.

Tight Dresses

Some dresses can be too tight and cling to your figure reveal and expose your curves.

The best way to draw attention away from your curves if your dress is too tight is to layer up the dress with trendy and classy pieces.

This will help to conceal the shape of your waist to make it appear more modest.

To give the outfit more coverage and a more formal look, opt for a blazer that can add sophistication to the outfit.

For a more casual look, pair it with a cropped denim jacket that can take attention away from the figure.

See-Through Dresses

There’s nothing quite as delicate and feminine as a sheer dress.

However, when your bra shines through it, it can be very embarrassing.

Some dresses can come in sheer, light fabrics that can make it see-through and cause your skin to become exposed.

If you ever purchase a see-through dress that you like, you can make it less revealing by wearing a cami dress underneath.

Make sure it is the same colour as your dress to make it look as natural and elegant as possible.

Make sure it is long enough to cover the bottom half of your body.

Dresses with Slits

Woman wearing a white dress with a slitSlit dresses ooze femininity and sexiness.

But, if you like the design of a slit dress but aren’t keen on showing off your legs, there’s a very simple solution.

You can tone down the slit by discreetly placing a few safety pins down the path of the slit.

However, if you want a more permanent and secure cover-up, make some small stitches down the slit by sewing it instead.

Make sure you use the closest colour thread to the fabric of the dress to keep it looking nice, neat and natural.

But, if you don’t mind showing a bit of skin but are worried about being overexposed if the slit is too high, then there’s a solution for that too.

All you need to do is wear a pair of spandex shorts under your dress.

This will keep you from revealing too much when sitting down or if there is a gush of wind that lifts up your skirt.

But, make sure it doesn’t show underneath the dress.

You can do this by opting for a more natural or neutral colour.

This will make you feel more secure and prepared in case of a revealing accident.


So, next time you see a dress you like, don’t think twice about purchasing it.

Follow these hacks and you can rock any outfit without revealing too much skin.