Sheath Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Style of Wedding

Woman wearing white sheath bridesmaid dress and holding a bouquet of flowers

The sheath is a classic shape, perfect to accommodate almost every bridesmaid’s body shape and all wedding styles.

Choosing the perfect sheath dress means considering your own tastes, as well as your bridesmaids.

To choose the right dress, you should consider the style of wedding you’re opting to have.

As well as this, you have to think about your own bridal gown. 

Choose a sheath bridesmaid dress that complements and completes the overall look of the bridal party.

You’ll also have to consider the size and shapes of your bridesmaids, the colors that will suit them and the budget that you have to work with.

Each and every wedding style is unique and personal to its bride and groom.

With the style of the wedding comes the styles of the bridal gown, the suits and, of course, the bridesmaid dresses.

Whether you’re planning a formal black-tie wedding theme or a casual, outdoor affair, a sheath bridesmaid dress can be styled to suit all occasions.

What Is a Sheath Style Dress?Woman wearing a red sheath dress

Let’s start at the beginning.

A sheath dress is one of the many styles and shapes of dresses.

The sheath is form-fitting, but not tight, and flows with the lines of the body.

Therefore, it offers a graceful, chic and elegant shape, which suits almost every body type.

A sheath style dress is particularly good for bridesmaid dresses for a wedding.

This is because the style of the design can vary to suit different body types.

Fitting the hips and thighs like a slip dress, falling with the natural curves of the figure, the top of the dress might be strappy or high-neck.

Brides might also want to consider the possibility of choosing several different styles of sheath dresses in the same fabric for their bridesmaids.

This can make overall look work together.

But, allow each bridesmaid to choose a neckline that works for their shape.

What Are the Different Styles of Weddings?

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There are many different styles of weddings to choose from when you first start planning your day.

This will most likely come naturally, depending on the tastes and styles of the bride and groom.

The style of wedding that you go with will start to help you narrow down on decisions.

This includes dresses because certain dress styles suit certain themes and color schemes better.

Let’s take a look at some of the main wedding styles.


This would be the most formal style of wedding.

Often starting with a traditional, religious church service, the wedding usually progresses to a country estate or formal hotel.

This then follows with a three-course sit-down dinner with music and dancing afterward.

This style of wedding is often black-tie with the bride wearing a ball gown or a very detailed mermaid style dress.


Often just as formal as the classic wedding, a contemporary wedding contains much of the same formalities, but with a modern twist.

The venue might not be a church in this instance, but instead a contemporary set up at a hotel or in a specific venue catering just to weddings of this kind.

Here, the day usually plays out the same as a classic wedding.

However, the bride might opt for a less traditional dress, instead choosing a sleeker and more fitted style.

Beach Wedding

People are increasingly opting to have their weddings abroad.

With the vision of sunshine, sand and the sea lapping against the beach as the setting, it’s an appealing choice for many brides and grooms.

When it comes to beach weddings, the formalities are often dropped a little and the relaxed atmosphere suits a more relaxed theme and dress code.

The bride might wear something much slinkier and bride and groom, plus guests, often opt for no shoes at all.

Garden Wedding

A garden wedding can range from formal to super-relaxed.

Getting married outside in beautiful garden grounds often means a floral and pretty theme for the wedding.

So, the bride might choose a design that is lighter and slightly more relaxed, instead of a bigger, hard to negotiate ball gown.

What Style Sheath Dress Would Look Best for Each Style of Wedding?

Woman wearing a blue slit sheath dressEach style of wedding allows you to be creative with the style of sheath bridesmaid dress you can choose.

Although this is hugely dependent on the bride’s personal style and taste, there are some style dresses that suit certain wedding styles just that little bit better.


A classic and traditional wedding calls for a simple and elegant sheath bridesmaid dress.

High necklines work best here and a chic cap sleeve is both flattering and modest for the occasion.


When it comes to a contemporary wedding, clean lines and smooth flowing fabric work best.

Moving away from lace options, consider silk or a silk blend fabric and a color palette that feels modern.

For example, mint green or on-trend nude.

Beach Wedding

Beach wedding bridesmaid dresses can be floatier and more relaxed.

You don’t you’re your bridesmaids feeling faint because of heavy and hot fabrics.

So, choose a sheath dress with a little more movement in the bottom and a lighter fabric, such as chiffon.

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are feminine and pretty, which works perfectly with an elegant sheath dress.

Long or mid-length, choose a feminine fabric like lace or even a floral print to really blend beautifully with the garden theme.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

When it comes to thinking about selecting your bridesmaid dresses, there are many factors that will need to be considered.

The number of bridesmaids will make quite an impact on how this process works.

For example, if a bride selects three bridesmaids, discussion and negotiation between the bride and the women selected are not too complicated.

However, in cases where there are eight or even more bridesmaids, the bride will need to take charge and make her own decision.

If not, the process could turn into quite a stressful ordeal.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points to consider when choosing both the bridesmaid design and the color scheme.

Think About the Bridal Gown

Don’t even think about selecting bridesmaid dresses until the decision of the bridal gown itself is confirmed and ordered.

The bridesmaid dresses need to compliment the bridal gown without looking drab in comparison or, equally, stealing focus.

A sheath bridesmaid dress can complement either a ball gown or sheath bridal gown.

But, with the bride in a slimline dress, you certainly wouldn’t want the bridesmaid in fuller, larger dresses.

Bridesmaid helping bride put on her dressing gown

Consider the Season

Sounds like an obvious one, but the season will have an impact on your dress choices and you’ll be buying them ahead of time, so this needs to be considered.

Heavy, rich fabrics are stunning.

However, on a beach in the heat, that could ruin the day for your overheated bridesmaids.

Think About the Pictures

Consider how you imagine the overall wedding to look and how you want your wedding photographs to turn out.

If you imagine a uniform dress on every girl, try not to get swayed by the opinions of too many argumentative bridesmaids.

Similarly, if you see them in long or short dresses, stick to your guns.

Body Shapes

If you have more than one bridesmaid, you’re most likely going to be dealing with several different body shapes when picking the bridesmaid dresses.

While sheath dresses look great on almost every figure, take some time to consider if any of your bridesmaids have specific assets that might complicate the choice.

For example, if one bridesmaid has a particularly large bust or if one is particularly short or tall, this needs to be considered in the overall look.


It might be one of the most difficult things to discuss with friends and family.

However, the budget is going to be important when it comes to planning most weddings.

Whether your bridesmaids contributing to purchase their dresses or not, the budget per dress needs to be discussed and set before shopping commences.

Also, consider alterations and accessories when thinking about the budget.

How to Accessorize and Style Each Type of Sheath Dress

A bridal party of bridesmaids and the bride showing off their shoes

When it comes to accessorizing for bridesmaids, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible for the sake of photographs, budget, and organization.

For sheath dresses with high necklines, opt for a statement earring as the key accessory.

This can complement the dress and keeps the lines simple and elegant without creating layers.

For plunging sheath dresses, you can choose a pendant necklace.

But, ensure not to steal focus from the shape and details of the dress.


Whether you choose a short or long sheath dress bridesmaid shoes are an essential part of the outfit.

It looks chic and polished when all the bridesmaids have the same pair of shoes.

However, if you can’t get the group to choose just one style, consider purchasing satin shoes, either strappy or pumps.

Then, dye them to match the dresses, which gives an all over more polished finish.

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses, the hunt can feel like the beginning of a marathon.

With many styles and shapes to choose from and different body shapes to accommodate, the classic sheath is a perfect choice.

Choose a style of sheath dress to suit your day and compliment the bridal gown and the overall look and photographs will turn out perfectly.