Transform Your Work Dress From Day to Night

Woman wearing formal clothes and holding a clutch bag

For the times you need to transform your dress from office to evening wear, simply add a few simple changes to your look and you’ll be ready to head straight to your event in style.

A touch up of makeup and a stiletto heel instantly transform your look and your mindset from day to night.

Accessories are key and the addition of a statement earring or bold belt to cinch in the waist make a day dress glamorously in an instant.

From a wrap dress to a mini, add accessories or simply remove tights and you’ve nailed day dress to evening dress in seconds.

From time to time you’ll have an evening event planned after a day at the office where there is just no time to change your look entirely.

This means your workwear appropriate dress also has to make you feel fabulous on a night out or at a dinner.

Luckily, there are a few simple fashion tips and hacks that make this not only possible but stylish and ultra-chic.

With just a few simple changes, that you can prepare in advance, you can transform your workwear look in an effortless transition into glam evening wear, leaving your friends, colleagues or even date, none the wiser.

What Pieces to Keep in Your Bag to Transform a Look from Day to Night

A bad full of beauty products, phone and jewellery

We all have a tote big enough for a day-to-night transition.

Packing a few extra essentials in the morning will mean when it comes to the end of the day, you’re ready and prepared to dress up your look and have a night out on the town.

Makeup Bag

If you’re a hearty makeup hoarder, don’t feel the need to bring your entire makeup collection to work with you.

However, being selective and bringing some key essentials in a smaller makeup bag will allow you to change up your workwear look and add a little extra glam for the evening.

Eyes and lips are the major areas which define either a day or night makeup look.

By adding a bold sweep of liquid eyeliner above your office-appropriate mascara, you’ll create a night look with minimal effort.

Simply the addition of a bold lip can completely transform a look.

Whether you love a fire engine red kind of style or a deep plum or raspberry, add a statement evening lip to your makeup look and you’ll feel instantly more dressed up for your event.

Top tip: Pack light!

Bring a small make-up bag with selective options in eyeliner, your go-to brow definer, lipstick, concealer, bronzer, blush.

The perfect look can be created with just these must-have items.

And don’t forget a quick spritz of your favorite perfume.

Dry Shampoo

A great tip for creating an evening hairdo without all your equipment and after a day in the office is to start your day with a chic, but fairly messy up ‘do for work.

Don’t scrape your hair or add too many (or any, if possible) products and add a ribbon around a simple bun.

At the end of the day, take your hair down and revel in the natural waves and bounce your bun has created.

With just a spritz of dry shampoo to add volume to the roots and a little tease with your comb, you can create a glamorous and intentional evening hair look in minutes.


When you need to transform a look with minimal baggage, accessories are your best friend.

From a statement belt to the change of a shoe, a quick pop of color or added detail can dress up your workwear dress in an instant, meaning you don’t have to change in the office bathrooms and leaving more time to have fun after work.

What Accessories To Add To Your Outfit

A pair of heeled shoes to transform a work dress from day to night

Accessories are key to an effortless outfit changeup.

With just a few key pieces, which you can discreetly bring with you to the office, you can take a dress from simple to stunning in an instant.

Statement Jewelry

When it comes to statement jewelry, costume styles have never been so exciting.

From glamorous and sparkling hoop earrings to bold, colorful necklaces, add your favorite piece to a simple work look and it’s an instant change for a simple dress.


Depending on your dress, a belt can dress up an outfit with minimal effort.

Whether you go for a statement logo buckle belt or simply choose a waist belt to cinch in your shape and add some extra curves for the evening.

Pack a belt in your quick-change bag and you can simply decide at the time.

Dressy Shoes

When it comes to 5 pm, kick off those ballet shoes or simple pumps and transition into your party shoes for an instant update.

Add a pop of color to immediately change up your dress, or opt for sparkle or extra detail to really make an impact.

Throwing on a stiletto will also change your frame of mind, relinquishing the day at the office and preparing you for a night of fun.

Switch To A Clutch

Simply switching from a tote bag to an evening clutch can dress up your look in seconds.

Leave everything you don’t imminently need at the office or simply in the car.

Just take just your essentials to your evening event, leaving no clues to your quick and effortless office wardrobe transition.

Opt for classic black or add some sequins and sparkle with a statement clutch bag.

What Garment Pieces To Layer Onto Your Dress

Woman wearing a black work dress with a long white coat on top with sunglassesJackets can transform a dress, so choosing the perfect one to take you from day to night is crucial.

From long, floor-sweeping styles to cropped and tailored options, coordinating with your day-to-night dress is the key factor when making your selection.

Dressy Coat

A dressy coat should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

With the addition of your evening accessories and shoes, a dressy coat in sumptuous wool creates a polished finish for your entrance at your planned evening event.

This is also a work-appropriate way to finish your look for both day and night.

Longline Blazer

A longline blazer is chic, stylish and ultimately incredibly versatile.

From lengths just underneath the hip line to styles that almost reach your knee, a longline blazer over a dress is an effortless go-to look.

Dress up a simple black work dress and transition to an evening look with a statement, embellished blazer at 5 pm or add a minimal jacket to a bedazzled dress and wear all day.

Duster Coat

A duster coat is a light-weight jacket, often made from a crepe or even satin fabric, which falls to the ankle or floor length.

Mostly worn open and flowing, a duster coat can be thrown over your work dress for an instant glam update.

Opt for simple black or stay on-trend with a soft pastel hue or even nude.

Duster jackets are made for fashion rather than warmth, so stick to this layering idea on slightly warmer evenings.

How To Update Each Type of Work Dress

A woman wearing a black dress with earrings to transform it from a day to night look

All your work dresses will have their own way of being dressed up and transitioned into evening wear.

From a classic wrap dress to a more daring mini, here are our tips to transform each one.

Wrap Dress

A classic workwear look, the wrap dress is a staple in many office wardrobes.

Adding a strappy heel to a wrap dress, instead of a pointed pump, instantly updates it to evening and removes any hint of workwear, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Due to the nature of the wrap dress design, the neckline is plunging.

In the office, you might want to distract from a plunging neckline, but for the evening, add a chic necklace to decorate the décolletage and add some extra detail.

Shirt Dress

A shirt dress can be the perfect workwear option for comfortable, office-appropriate attire.

However, it can also be transformed into an evening look with just a few simple changes.

Firstly, always add a heel, secondly wear a lacy bralette or bodysuit beneath, allowing you to unbutton the shirt dress, making it slightly more risqué for the evening.

Shirt dresses are often a smock shape, so take your go-to waist belt and cinch in your shape for extra glam points.

Mini Dress

If you can wear a mini dress with tights at the office, this is a great way to make your transition into evening wear.

During the day, wear it with tights, flats, and a cardigan or work blazer.

For the evening simply remove your tights for that bare leg look or switch to fishnets for a sultry alternative.

As well as transforming a workwear dress into an evening dress for your big night out, remember, you can also do the opposite.

Dress your favorite evening look down for the office and you’ll be ready for your event come 5 pm.

If your evening dress is revealing, simply layer with a white shirt for work and remove it later.

Or if your evening dress is particularly glitzy or detailed, add a blazer and tights with simple pump shoes and it will attract less attention at the office.

There are always ways to change and dress up a look so that you can avoid the dreaded bathroom change and feel fabulous at all times.