Use Transition Dressing To Replace Your Summer Work Dresses This Fall

Woman wearing pink dress with coat and jumper on top to transition for season

Some days are harder to dress for work than others, however, when two seasons transition, it can become even more challenging.

The changeover between summer and fall can be a constant battle of being too warm vs too cold.

However, it is important to still stay looking professional in the workplace.

Transitioning your closing can be overwhelming and expensive.

But, while the weather may be changing, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to.

So, don’t pack away your summer work dress just yet as they still have plenty of life in them.

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of dresses.

With a few simple styling tricks, you can stretch your summer work dress into fall to get the most wear out of it.

We’re going to show how to add the right pieces to your dress to make your switch stylish and comfortable throughout any climate change.

So, keep reading as we show you how to slay the months that bridge summer and fall to keep you looking and feeling great at work.

What is Transition Dressing?

Woman transitional dressing for fall with a pink coat and scarf

The idea of transition dressing is pretty simple.

The change between seasons can pose a problem for people as the weather is neither hot or cold.

Simply speaking, transition dressing refers to the techniques and clothing pieces that can changeover your wardrobe from season to season.

This means you won’t have to change over your entire wardrobe or buy a new one during these tricky months

It is a way to mix and match clothing to get more wear out of your existing clothes during this time.

With the right pieces, you can seamlessly shift your work wardrobe from summer to fall.

Therefore, we are going to focus on balancing and layering to warm you up for work, without having to break the bank on a whole lot of new clothes.

Layering The Top Half of Your DressWoman wearing dress with oversized white cardigan and belt for transition dressing

Using thin layers can keep you warmer as the temperature begins to drop, therefore this is the best technique when it comes to transition dressing.

These techniques will show you how to add a little extra warmth and stylishness to your summer dress by layering pieces to the top half of your body.

Adding pieces to the top half of your body enables you to peel off the extra layers if it gets a little too warm inside the office.

Wear a Blazer

You can never go wrong with a classic blazer.

Not only are they professional, but blazers also make an excellent transition tool, especially for the office.

Layers are vital for being able to adapt to quick weather changes.

This piece will add a little extra sophistication to your summer dress while keeping you a little warmer.

A simple, neutral colored blazer is ever so stylish, but also a quality investment that you can get a lot of wear out of.

Find one that is easy to wear and fits you just right to bring the whole look together.

Wear an Oversized Cardigan

It’s time to introduce a great, cozy cardigan to your workplace.

It almost goes without saying that wearing a cardigan over a dress is a great way to style it for the colder months.

They are the perfect layering tool as they feel like you’re wearing a blanket without looking like it.

Worried you’ll look too casual for the office?

Don’t worry.

The key is to match it accordingly to your work dress to help your outfit look more professional and pulled together.

To make it even more stylish, add a belt on over your cardigan to accentuate your waist and add more detail to the look.

Wear a Coat or Jacket

Woman transitional dressing for fall by wearing a grey, check patterned coat

A good statement coat just screams style and sophistication.

The mornings and evenings of fall are usually colder, while the afternoons are warm.

So, if you want something that can be taken off when you reach the workplace, a jacket is the perfect option.

Try and opt for a jacket with lighter fabric which can add a bit of warmth without weighing you down.

This will also help you get that cozy look without getting too hot, while still keeping you looking professional for the workplace.

A trench coat is a good option as it is stylish and works great when worn over dresses.

Try and look for styles that don’t have an outerwear feel to it.

This way you can easily keep it on as an all-day layer if it gets a bit chilly inside the office.

Effortless, easy and incredibly sophisticated.

Wear a Duster Vest

You can never have too many versatile jackets to layer with your work dresses.

If you want to add a warm layer to your dress but don’t want to detract attention from it, choose a duster vest without sleeves to throw on top.

They are simple, elegant and can complete your overall look by complimenting your work dress well to make you look stylish and professional.

They can easily and effortlessly be layered with any type of work dress to add a touch of depth to the entire look.

Wear a Long Sleeved Top Underneath

Wearing a long-sleeved top under your work dress is a fun and cozy way to get more wear out of your dress by adding some warmth.

While you can’t take this off easily like the others, it is great for those who get cold easily as it can keep you warm throughout the day when the temperature takes a little dip.

Wear a long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless or long-sleeved dress.

However, if your dress has shorter arms, try and opt for a short sleeved top underneath instead.

Try and stick to neutral colors so it looks like part of your dress and is work appropriate.

Black is the best option as it can add extra warm as it retains heat.

Accessorize with a Light Scarf

Woman transitional dressing for fall by wearing a sweater and a light scarf

A nice, light scarf can be the perfect transitional piece that adds a bit of warmth and style to your work dress.

Scarves are great because they are light and easy and can instantly add a bit of color and depth to any outfit.

Not only does it keep you cozy, but it also adds a touch of chic, fall style to your dress.

Just throw it over your shoulders when it gets a little chilly and slip it into your bag when the day gets warm.

However, try and avoid wearing wool scarves.

Opt for a silk material instead that is more office appropriate.

Layering the Bottom Half of Your Dress

Layers can also work on the bottom half of your dress if you don’t want to take away from the natural style of your dress.

Wear Tights

Fall is the time to break out the tights.

A good pair of tights can be the ultimate style weapon and can make any dress fall appropriate, making it the ultimate transition piece.

This way, your summer work dress can still work after the weather starts to cool down.

Wearing a pair of tights is the easiest way to switch your dress for the cooler temperatures, making it a key transitional piece.

Layer a pair of tights under your dress for more coverage and to keep your legs and feet nice and warm.

Try and opt for opaque black or dark colored tights that are most appropriate for the office.

Opt for Closed Toe Shoes

You may need to opt for more sensible, closed toe shoes during the fall.

Since a significant portion of body heat escapes from your feet, it is important to keep your tootsies covered up if you want to stay warm.

However, your shoes don’t have to kill the vibe of your good office ensemble.

Oxford shoes and heeled boots are great options as they can keep you warm and still look stylish and professional at the same time while complimenting your dress.

For extra warmth, pair it with a pair of thin, cotton socks that will keep your feet cozy and allow them to breathe too.