What Shoes to Wear with A Sheath Dress If You Hate Heels

Yellow shoes on feet in the air

Hating heels doesn’t have to mean limited options when choosing what shoes to wear with your sheath dress.

Today, flats are just as stylish as heeled shoes and with the right choice, you can create your perfect dressy or casual look without the discomfort of the dreaded heel.

In formal environments, opt for chic mules or loafers with your sheath dress or keep your look ultra-feminine with a pair of lace-up ballerina flats.

Keeping your weekend style chic, team your sheath with on-trend chunky trainers or classic, black Chelsea boots, adding just a leather biker to finish.

The pressure of heel wearing can get to us all.

Whether you’re in the workplace or on girl’s night out, wearing heels now seems like a prerequisite to complete your outfit but this doesn’t have to be the case.

The chicest and most feminine sheath dress might pair beautifully with a stunning pair of strappy stilettos.

But if that’s not your vibe, or you simply hate to be in pain when it comes to shoes, it’s certainly not your only option.

What Is a Sheath Dress?Lady wearing red and blue sheath dress

Taking it back to basics, let’s first look at the dress of the moment, the sheath.

It’s a classic shape that has become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe but is also on-trend and incredibly stylish when accessorized and done right.

Flowing with the lines of your body to display your shape without clinginess, the sheath dress is both flattering and straightforward to dress up and down.

Which Body Types Best Suit a Sheath Dress?

Luckily, the ever-flattering sheath dress suits pretty much every body type.

This is because, due to the cut of the dress, it falls elegantly over the bust and hips.

Therefore, it often cuts on the bias to your natural curves without being too tightly fitting.

It’s the perfect choice for women who love dresses but also enjoy to keep their style casual and on-trend.

Although paired with heels a sheath dress can look fantastic, if you hate to wear heels and prefer a certain level of comfort from your fashion choices, flats can work stylishly for an all-day look.

What Types of Shoes Are Dressier to Wear with A Sheath Dress?

Yellow ankle strap flat shoes with yellow plant in the background

When it comes to wearing flats or sandals with your sheath dress in a dressier environment, you might need to avoid the typical sneaker and plain pump styles.

Amp up your style with a slightly more formal stylish update.

Heels are never your only option when it comes to a dressier look with the choice of chic flats and intricately crafted sandals.


Mules have undeniably been the shape of 2018.

From the fur-lined, buckled styles courtesy of Gucci to studded, cross-hatched designs in on-trend pastel hues from Alexander Wang, flat mules are the stilettos of the flat footwear world.

Effortlessly cool and immensely comfortable for every day, all day wear, the mule pairs perfectly with a sheath dress and with choices ranging from luxurious leather to sumptuous velvet or intricate embroidery, there’s a perfect pick for every style of dress.


The slightly more built-up sister to the mule, the loafer has been making a gradual but steady comeback within the world of fashion.

These shoes paired with a sheath dress works just as stylishly as a mule.

Perfect for the oncoming autumn season, a leopard print loafer is key to your flat footwear wardrobe and adds a touch of color and detail to any simple sheath dress.

Pointed Pumps with Ankle Straps

In terms of flats, women are often tempted to head straight for a simple ballet flat.

However, a pointed flat pump doesn’t just give you your desired comfort.

It also maintains a slightly more grown-up and sophisticated finish to your look.

Pointed pumps with ankle straps or simple lace-up details add the perfect touch to a mini or midi length sheath dress, adding a slice of glam to a polished look.

Gladiator Sandals

For a dressy look without heels, why not try an on-trend pair of gladiator sandals?

It’s the perfect way to add detail to a simple dress by offering a dressy alternative with the comfort you crave.

Keep it simple with black or neutral or add a pop of color with styles that range from ankle lace-up details to styles that fasten up to, and over, the knee.

If You Still Want a Little Height, What Types of Shoes Are Best?

Pink, brogue shoes with plant and shoe box on marble table

If you find yourself in the predicament of hating to wear heels but desiring some extra height with your sheath dress, there are options to try when it comes to platform shoes.

Some platforms can look bulky and many styles are more casual, which might not team with your chosen dress as well as other styles.

However, there are certain platform footwear options that can look both stylish and chic whilst giving you that added guarantee of comfort.

Platform or Flatform?

Heard mentions of elusive flatform shoes and not sure what it is?

Not to worry.

Platform and flatform shoes are similar but hold a couple of key differences.

Platform shoes are wedges but with an elevated, platform sole, whereas regular wedges have a wedge heel but the ball of the foot is flat to the floor.

Flatform styles differ because the entire sole is a platform off the ground, yet it’s flat, instead of wedged with a heel.

Flatform Brogues

Brogues are a cute, lace-up shoe, which serves as a great, smart alternative to heels in a more formal environment.

Perfect to pair with a sheath dress at work, the look is quirky, yet sophisticated and guarantees you the comfort you’re looking for all day.

Opt for a patent leather style for additional fashion points or try next season’s hottest footwear color; white.

Platform Sandals

From true wedges to more casual flatform sandals, these styles can be a great choice to team with a sheath dress if you want a little extra height without the discomfort of a sharper heel.

Platform sandals are more comfortable than heeled sandals as your weight is more evenly distributed across the foot.

Therefore, it makes you feel more stable and puts less pressure on just the balls of your feet.

What Types of Shoes to Avoid

Lady wearing black shoes with laces

When it comes to sheath dresses, the fashion rules are fairly loose for you to be as creative as you like.

However, because of the slimline shape of the dress, there are a couple of footwear styles that are best to avoid.

When it comes to pairing shoes and dresses, it usually comes down to balance; you don’t want a slim-fit, feminine dress and a heavy, overbearing shoe to steal focus.

Platform Boots

Platform ankle boots are certainly a style best paired with other items in your wardrobe aside from your sheath dress.

Adding extra bulk and weight to your feet might give you added comfort.

However, it unbalances the outfit from head to toe and undoes the flattering work your sheath dress is doing in your favor.

Round-Toe Ballet Flats

Round-toe, classic ballet flats are often a go-to choice for anyone who needs or wants to opt for flats.

However, their basic nature can quite often cheapen a beautiful sheath dress, adding nothing but the obvious comfort they offer, without any style credentials or on-trend detail.

Not only can completely flat shoes compromise your posture and cause back-pain, instead choosing styles can give your look that extra touch of chic elegance.

How to Wear Booties or Sneakers with A Sheath Dress

Lady wearing black ankle boot shoes with jeans

Off-duty style is just as important as your workwear wardrobe and should never be forgotten.

Teaming a chic sheath dress with casual footwear, such as booties or sneakers makes your dress more versatile and your look more street style-worthy.

Layer Up

When you team booties or sneakers with a simple sheath dress, it’s the accessories that dictate how dressy your overall look is.

Layer up your look with a T-shirt or fine knit under your sheath and instantly make the dress better suited to a less formal shoe choice.

Whether you opt for boots or sneaks, a slouchy cardigan and backpack keep the look casual.

Teaming it with a plaid blazer or classic leather biker jacket and a tote can dress it up, giving you a plethora of different looks.

Chelsea Boots

The classic Chelsea ankle boot is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Teamed with your simple sheath, a Chelsea boot ensures the look is ready to go from day to night or office to bar, in an instant.

Knee High Boots

With both mini and midi sheath dress styles, the knee-high or over-the-knee boot is always a classic look for autumn and winter.

Offering comfort and style in one key look, this outfit is best finished with an over-sized, boyfriend blazer or a long-line wool coat with stylish lapels.

On-Trend Sneakers

A particularly on-trend and contemporary way to wear your sheath dress with flats is to opt for the sneaker of the moment; chunky sneakers, also dubbed Turbo Trainers by Vogue.

Whether you prefer the all-white styles, reminiscent of Adidas’ Huaraches or you like the multi-colored styles sweeping Instagram and Pinterest, alike, this is one cool way to style your sheath dress.

Classic Sneakers

If chunky trainers aren’t necessarily your thing, a classic sneaker, such as Converse Chuck Taylors or Vans pair perfectly and effortlessly with a sheath.

Layered with a T-shirt offers a modern, on-trend look and paired with anything from a blazer to a denim jacket, this look is the perfect weekend vibe.

From flatform sandals to simple sneakers, wearing flats with a sheath dress is far more than simply throwing on a pair of basic flats.

If you hate to wear heels, but still love to look on-trend with a fashion edge, opt for one of these chic flats styles and experiment with your sheath, using both shoes and extra accessories to create your perfect look.