Stylish Modest Clothing A 2019 Guide

Woman wearing stripy, modest clothing and standing by a wall

Modest clothing can come in many forms from evening wear to everyday office attire.

Options for modest dressers are now growing and you can find stunning and stylish options at modest specific fashion retailers, such as Modisme, The Modist, and Modli.

Shopping on the high street doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Brands like H&M, M&S, and Mango providing a plethora of modest styles to choose from.

When it comes to shopping for affordable modest clothing, head to H&M or Haute Elan for modest dresses and more, starting as low as $20.

Shopping for modest clothing that is both stylish and affordable for every occasion can be a tricky task.

While some women wear modest clothing for religious reasons or perhaps because they feel more confident a little more covered up, wearing modest looks is now one of the biggest trends in the industry as a whole.

What Do We Mean By Modest Clothing?

Woman wearing a pink knitwear jumper and pink shirt by a lot of trees and greenary

There are different considerations of modesty in every geographical and social sector.

When it comes to fashion, modest clothing generally means garments that have been designed purposefully to cover up more skin.

However, you can still stay chic and stylish without having to wear revealing clothes.

Modest clothing could be something as simple as a dress designed with added inches on the length to keep the look demure.

It can also be more traditional clothing worn by certain religious groups who like to cover more skin.

Here, we delve a little deeper into where to buy the most stylish modest clothing at every price range and for different occasions.

Where Are the Best Places to Purchase Modest Clothing?

Woman holding shopping bagsThere are three central options when it comes to purchasing modest clothing.

Modest specific retailers, high street stores offering modest options or simply choosing only modest items from mainline stores.

Modest Specific Retailers

As the modest industry grows in popularity, so too are the modest specific retailers.

These are especially growing online, curating collections precisely for this market.

Multi-brand companies, such as Modisme and The Modist select and sell only modest items from all the most stylish global designers.

This time-saving idea allows you to shop for every brand, from Dolce & Gabbana to Chloe.

You won’t have to waste time scrolling through inappropriate, revealing items and just focus on modest options.

Modest fashion websites, such as Modanisa and Modli have in-house brands and start at a lower price point to many of the designer sites.

High Street Stores With Modest Ranges

As the industry acknowledges the gap in this market, they have attempted to be more inclusive by creating their own modest specific capsule ranges within the store.

Many have executed this in different ways and it can be a great way to shop in mainline stores for modest garments.

Marks and Spencer’s now have a Modest Fashion section on their site.

This section curates their best modest pieces, offering stylish examples of how to wear the looks.

Big names, such as H&M and Mango have created limited edition collections for modest dressers.

This contains long sleeve, maxi dresses as well as jackets and long sleeve tops to layer.

Which Stores Are Best for Each Type of Modest Clothing?

Woman looking through clothes on a clothing rack in a shop

Each and every modest shopper will have their own favorite labels and stores to buy from.

However, a little extra online research is the best way to start.

No matter what your occasion or if you’re simply updating your everyday wardrobe, make sure you head to the perfect retailer for a stress-free, easy shopping trip.

Modest Evening Wear

When it comes to shopping for modest evening wear, it can be difficult to find options.

Especially if you want long sleeve coverage while maintaining a stylish shape and finish.

The best place to shop for modest evening wear is multi-brand department stores.

They contain multiple labels and therefore, multiple options.

The more options they provide, the more chance you’ll have in finding your perfect piece.

A modest fashion tip? Don’t forget about alterations and tailoring.

Although you may feel restricted by needing long sleeves or high necklines, remember that alterations are more than possible in most cases.

If you find a dress you adore, ensure you can return it before you purchase and then take it to a tailor.

Then, discuss how you can make it more appropriate to your style so that you never have to miss out.

Modest Casual

The high street brings with it a multitude of fashion options for every clothing category.

When it comes to the perfect casual modest look, you need straight leg jeans.

For affordable jeans, head straight to Topshop for this style and for choices in a higher price range, look towards either GRLFRND or Ksubi.

A graphic tee or two is a must and you can find every price point and style possible on ASOS.

Which Stores Are Better for More Affordable Modest Clothing?

Woman wearing modes top and yellow skirt

With modest fashion, there are great options whatever your budget is.

If you’re on the hunt for affordable modest clothing for an occasion or simply for every day, there are great options both in store and online.


H&M is a popular choice for modest dressers worldwide.

With styles starting at very low prices and ranging to more expensive choices, there really is something for everyone.

Often designing midi and maxi dresses which include a long sleeve, H&M’s affordability works in tandem with its stylish and trend-led designs.

This means that you don’t have to break the bank to create a modest look.

Haute Elan

A specific modest fashion retailer, Haute Elan prides themselves on catering for the affordable modest clothing market.

Selling lots of stylish yet traditional options for women, you’ll find whatever style you are looking for.

This ranges from abayas and kaftans to more everyday dresses and jackets styles.

With dresses starting as low as under $20, it’s a price range suitable for everyone.


For modest clothing at affordable price points opt. for smaller, independent retailers.

Independent retailers often work better than trying to shop at high street or designer stores.

Independent businesses are in tune with their modest customer and know every piece they sell is perfect in terms of shape and style for a woman who wishes to cover-up.

You can also find that these companies are able to offer fantastic prices.

Also, there is less chance of you bumping into somebody at a party with the same as dress.

Where to Purchase Items to Layer and Accessorize Modest Clothing

Woman wearing white, net skirt and pink backpack with chunky heelsWhen it comes to dressing modestly, layering clothing can be a great way to wear whatever you like with a little extra coverage.

Must-have seasonal dresses like the satin slip or a feminine lace top with spaghetti straps are essential.

These suddenly become completely appropriate for a modest dresser when layered over a simple white T-shirt or a casual denim shirt.

It’s also often very important for modest dressers to accessorize a look to ensure that although the outfit might be covered-up and demure, there is still an overt element of fashion and glamour, keeping the overall look feminine and stylish.

Classic T-Shirt

The classic tee is probably your best friend if you love to layer and create modest looks.

Depending on how modest you’d like to be you can go short or long sleeved with your T-shirt and pair it under anything from a strappy dress to a revealing jumpsuit or crop top.

The added coverage works with a modest style and the look remains on-trend.

If this is a look you’d love, invest in a few great quality T-shirts to ensure they maintain their shape after lots of wears and washing.

You’ll find great quality, 100% cotton tees at an affordable price range at places, such as Uniqlo or opt for labels like Ralph Lauren for guaranteed quality.

Tailored Shirts

From a classic, crisp white shirt to a super-soft denim shirt, perfect for a casual layered look, the shirt is your best friend when styling together with a modest outfit.

It can be layered on top of or underneath anything from dresses to jumpsuits and provides extra coverage on both the arms and the décolletage.

For perfectly cut denim shirts, heritage brands like Levi will never lead you astray, always providing great quality at affordable price points.

When it comes to the perfect white shirt, it’s all about personal taste.

Some like oversized and slouchy, some like wrap styles and others prefer extra-fitted.

If classic shapes are your game, try designer brands like Hugo Boss and for more unusual shapes and interesting lines, COS always find new ways to rethink the classic women’s shirt.


Knitwear can be a chic, stylish and cozy way to layer your modest outfits and it comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

From oversized and perfect for a Sunday, casual outfit to a slim-fit turtleneck, perfect to pair underneath a strappy dress for workwear, there are a plethora of choices to choose from.

When it comes to great quality knitwear, cashmere will last years and is a great investment for your modest wardrobe.

Find the most affordable cashmere knitwear at H&M and British high street giant, M&S.

When it comes to designer, high-end cashmere, you’ll find stunning colors and shapes at Theory, as well as unusual statement designs from Calvin Klein.

Cashmere is also a great find when sale shopping.

If you can get a piece of undamaged classic cashmere in the sale, it’s a piece you will keep for years to come.

AccessoriesWoman wearing pink floral modest dress with a purse

Make your modest outfit pop with the perfect accessory.

Whether it’s a beautiful hand-held tote bag for the office or an on-trend acrylic clutch for dinner, modesty gives no restrictions to accessories so remember to have fun with your look.

Dress up a pair of palazzo pants with sky-high stilettos or breathe new life into a simple high-neck dress with a statement necklace or stylish statement earrings for that special occasion.

A stunning silk scarf can also be the perfect accessory for a modest look.

Use Clothes And Accessories To Add Extra Coverage

Adding extra coverage to the neck, the look is the ultimate in sophistication and beautiful options can be found online at every price range.

If you can learn how to layer and accessorize your garments together to create the perfect amount of coverage for your taste, you can shop almost anywhere on the high street or with designers.

It’s all about learning which pieces to choose from the range that can give you the most wear and about versatile pieces that can be styled with other items to give you that modest overall look for every occasion.